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Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 10, 2016


Just note what they’re each doing with their arms here.

It’s time again for another fun-filled battle royal between OUR GLORIOUS LEADER, two Cubans and some other guy.

The debate will be hosted by the Jew Jake Tapper – same Jew who tried to stump Trump over David Duke.


The RNC is saying they want it to be less awesome.


Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, the take-no-sides chief fundraiser for the party, has been saying all week that he wants the whatever-it-takes “tone” of past debates to improve on Thursday’s debate stage.

On Wednesday, he described on CNN just how, saying he’d like to see “more of a G-rated debate” than “some of the things that have been said in the past.”

He said the RNC has spoken to the campaigns and to the sponsors about taking steps to “reduce the temperature” on the debate stage and in the audience.

I don’t think that’s happening.

Though there won’t be a need for penis size discussions, as Rubio has backed away from his weird name-calling binge, which apparently destroyed what was left of his campaign.

Taking the stage in the state he has represented in government for 16 years, Marco Rubio is facing the prospect of losing the Florida primary to Donald Trump and possibly Ted Cruz in Tuesday’s winner-take-all contest. It’s a painful predicament for the U.S. senator and lawyer who has nursed presidential ambitions for years, rounded up prominent endorsements from establishment Republicans and even stooped to Trump’s schoolyard-taunting style.

By Wednesday, Rubio himself said publicly on MSNBC that he’s “not entirely proud” of slinging personal insults about Trump’s tan, his hair and the size of his hands — which set off Trump’s racy comment about his anatomy. Rubio said his own children were “embarrassed” by his actions.

In a town hall with MSNBC, Rubio says he knows the attacks are “not what we want from our next president.”

Bad move, taco.

You people learn nothing from anything. Apologizing always, always, always looks weak, and the only reason you would do it is if you want to look weak. When running for President, you don’t ever want to look weak.

Marco should have doubled-down when Trump said there is no problem with his penis size, and something like “well, I doubt it’s as big as mine – and I’ve got a hundred guys from the foam party last night who can confirm this thing is outrageously huge.”

marco rubio foam party gay

Or maybe he just shouldn’t have brought up Trump’s penis at all. Some people just aren’t cut out for being edgy without coming across as a creepy weirdo.

I mean. Trump says Megyn [sic] is on her period, and then when confronted he’s just like “yeah, whatever – I never even said that.” This Rubio says “this Donald has a small dick” and when confronted he starts talking about he’s shamed his family.

Anyway, none of that really matters at this point, because Rubio is already out.


He’s just in a position to beg for the VP slot if Cruz wins, but Cruz wouldn’t do that because it would be too bizarre to have two Cubans on the same ticket. It’s bizarre to have them both in the race in the first place.

Look for Lyin Ted Cruz to tell more lies tonight and then give that pervert smile when confronted.


Also look for any objects to appear on his lips.

Kasich Needs Hit on Immigration

Trump needs to seriously hit Kasich on immigration. Kasich does this nice guy “I’m not involved in this discussion because I’m better than all of you” thing (even after he’s the one who produced the video claiming Trump was going to send everyone to death camps), but that needs to just be bypassed.

We just had yet another illegal immigrant murder rampage, leaving five dead. Very easy to put Kasich on the spot about why he supports amnesty. Kasich also wants to restart the wars in the Middle East, but that issue is less cut and dry in the minds of the public. Immigration much easier.

Jeb Bush met with all three of the enemies ahead of this debate, and is probably going to endorse one of them tomorrow. His brother, Neil (yeah, there are more – there’s also a Mitch), already signed on with Cruzman Sachs.

This Live Thread

The showdown begins at 8:30 p.m. EST.

As is our tradition, we’ll have a live thread, where we can chat it up.

Here’s a CNN stream. If this goes down, more will be posted in the thread.

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If you’re outside of the US, they probably won’t.

As the regulars are aware, we’ve been fixing the forum. Our hero weev, defender of internet justice, has a thread up on the forum explaining what’s going on currently.

We’ve made some changes since Tuesday when it crashed less than it crashed Saturday. So we’ll see.

Either way: we’re rocking and rolling.


Remember this:

We know who Donald Trump is.

trump donald

Hail Victory.