Debate III Review

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 20, 2016


Last night’s debate was alright.

You know. I wasn’t moved in the way I was moved in debate II, but it was better than debate I. It was a middlish debate.

The most frustrating thing for me was that Trump had the opportunity to call Hillary out for planning WWIII by shooting down Russian planes in Syria and he didn’t really push the issue. I think that would have been very powerful, and appealed to the Bernie people. Or at least caused fewer people to have the energy to go out and vote for Hillary.

The rest of it was very solid. Several times, Trump called her out on things she couldn’t respond to at all, causing her to resort to incoherent rambling. He got her very good on the Project Veritas video – she obviously could not defend paying people – including the “mentally ill” and “homeless” – to go out and riot for her.

Hillary dropped the ball talking about nukes, telling the world the amount of time it takes between an order and a launch, which is classified information.

The media’s big issue was with Trump refusing to agree to go along with the election results. He flat-out refused to say that he will agree with the results. And that is obviously the right move, as we know for a fact that they are already planning election fraud. In the PV video, Clinton operatives are filmed talking about bussing people around to vote multiple times.

And Podesta in an email talked about illegals voting.


So her entire team is documented to be planning mass voter fraud – and the government is not planning to stop any of it – so it would be totally insane for Trump to agree to respect the results.

I have no idea how this election can even happen with all of the evidence of planned rigging.

This is like a sick joke.

The “Russian influence” exchange was handled very well by Trump – he said there was no evidence for the claim that the emails were leaked by Russia, saying, “she has no idea whether it is Russia, China, or anybody else.”

And the war talk in general was good – he said Assad was better than ISIS.

There was some immigration talk, and Trump kept it tough. Hillary in turn brought up Holocaust imagery, talking about “putting people on trains.”

Other highlights included Trump calling Hillary a “nasty woman” and referring to Mexican criminal invaders as “bad hombres.”

Here’s the full video, for anyone who missed it.

They’ve got another event tonight – a “roast” – which will be the last time they meet up with each other before the election.

We’ll have a live thread for that up later.