Debate Commission Says Next Debate Will be “Virtual,” Trump Says It’s Gay, No

The main purpose of the presidential debate is to show that Donald Trump physically dominates Joe Biden and could literally crush him like an insect at any moment.

It is only out of pure pity and mercy that Donald Trump does not simply step on Joe Biden like a tiny insect.

A “virtual debate” is gay, and no one has time for that.


The second presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, scheduled for Oct. 15, will be held virtually, the bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates said Thursday.

Minutes after the announcement, however, Trump said he would not participate.

“No I’m not going to waste my time on a virtual debate,” he said during an interview on the Fox Business channel. His campaign later said Trump will hold a rally that night instead.

Trump and his allies quickly claimed, without evidence, that the commission made the change to favor Biden. A Biden campaign source told NBC News that the debate commission made the decision unilaterally.

What does it mean “without evidence” in this context?

It’s just an observation.

What are they supposed to do when they make an observation to provide evidence? Do they need to do the Alex Jones thing?


It’s just an obvious matter of self-evident fact that Biden benefits from not being physically dominated by Trump, but it’s not a statement of fact, it’s just an observation.

Citing a need to “protect the health and safety of all involved,” the debate commission said in a statement, “The second presidential debate will take the form of a town meeting, in which the candidates would participate from separate remote locations.”

The debate’s location in Miami and the moderator, C-SPAN’s Steve Scully, will remain unchanged, they said.

Earlier this week, Biden said if Trump remains infectious then the debate should be called off, but added that he would follow medical professionals’ advice.

Following news of the debate change, Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien, who was recently diagnosed with Covid-19 himself, insisted the debate can still be held safely in person.

The first debate between the two candidates last Tuesday in Cleveland quickly devolved into a fiasco after Trump refused to stop talking when his allotted time was finished, and continued to interrupt and insult Biden for the remainder of the debate.

CNBC claimed without evidence that the first debate was a fiasco.

You see how that works?

Anyway – whatever.

This is gay and all of these people are faggots.

Trump isn’t infectious, he’s fine, and even if he were infectious, who cares?

No one dies from this virus.

Everyone is infected. All of these famous people are getting infected and none of them have died. The only one who allegedly died was Herman Cain, who was a 74-year-old black cancer survivor living on borrowed time.

But there will have been more than 14 days between Trump’s initial infection and the debate, which is the rule, and they should have to have the debate.

What even is this “debate commission”?

Is it just me, or were these debates arranged last time by the TV networks?

Joe Biden is a pussy and a coward. If he’s afraid of getting infected by Trump, then he should do as Anthony Fauci suggests and wear a motorcycle helmet during the debate.

Who knows, it might manage to protect his soul from the abuse inflicted on him by the raw power of Trump’s physical force.

If Joe Biden truly cared about stopping this virus from killing everyone, he’d already be wearing a sealed motorcycle helmet all the time.

He can play it up, start calling himself “Vortron” or something.

It would be more awesome anyway.

If I were in charge of Donald Trump’s campaign, I would start running ads saying, “Joe Biden refuses to wear a motorcycle helmet, even while claiming that everyone is going to die of the coronavirus. Joe Biden hates America.”