Death Star UFO Filmed Hovering Over NYC! Peer-Reviewed Paper Suggests Alien-Made Probes are Watching Earth!

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2019

You think the ayy lmaos aren’t coming? That there’s more important stuff to focus on? That they won’t help us fight the Jews?

It seems that the UFOs listened to our call for help against the Jews and sent some kind of Death Star UFO to aim at New York City, which is a known fortress of the Jews.

This is clearly intended to intimidate the overlords into stopping their Jewish ways, giving them one last chance before the high-tech soap bar production begins.

Daily Star:

Baffling footage of a circular object in the sky above New York City has been likened to the Death Star from Star Wars by stunned conspiracy theorists.

The video begins with the view of the famous skyline of the city in New York, US.

A bright light then comes into shot above the buildings, as cameraman Mauricio Lopez voices his thoughts.

“I’ve got something in the sky, a blinking red light,” he says.

“I believe in UFOs and I think I’ve got one right now.”

Video here

When he zooms in, the object appears to have terrain on its surface – shown by the dark and light colours.

It also seems to have a black line striking through it, sparking the viewer to claim: “This is not a star, either.”

The object appears to then change colour from white to red and at one point even seems to vanish from view before reappearing.

Mauricio posted the footage to YouTube on September 25 with the caption: “UFO over New York City”.

It has since gone viral after being picked up by renowned UFO channel Mavi 77.

It looks like the Death Star out of Star Wars,” one viewer wrote.

Indeed, there seems to be some kind of Star Wars UFO faction in possession of the Imperial Star Destroyer UFOs and this Death Star UFO.

According to some experts, we’re being watched by extraterrestrial forces.

Daily Mail:

An American physicist has proposed that alien ‘lurkers’ may have been observing us for millions of years.

James Benford released a paper suggesting these ancient Martians have setup ‘probes’ on a class of rocky near-Earth objects (NEO).

Theses co-orbital objects follow Earth’s similar loop around the sun and do it very closely to our planet – ‘providing an ideal way to watch our world from a secure natural object’.



Although not the popular theory, the idea of alien life setting up probes to monitor Earth was first brought to light in 1960 by Stanford radio physicist Ronald Bracewell, ScienceAlert reported.

Bracewell had suggested that ‘superior galactic communities’ have setup autonomous probes all over space as ‘hypothetical feelers’.

This technology, according to the Stanford radio physicist, was designed to observe, monitor and maybe even communicate with Earth.

‘A probe located nearby could bide its time while our civilization developed technology that could find it, and, once contacted, could undertake a conversation in real time,’ Benford, who received his PhD in Physics from the University of California San Diego explained in the new peer-reviewed paper published in Arxiv.

‘Meanwhile, it could have been routinely reporting back on our biosphere and civilization for long eras.’

Benford is building off of Bracewell’s theory by adding where these mysterious ‘lurker’ probes could hiding.

There’s a lot of UFO activity lately, so why not use this opportunity to double-down on our attempts to communicate with them and ask them to fight the Jews?

They are flying around for a reason. Maybe they’re bored. Maybe they are literally waiting for us to notice them and say hi.

Maybe they are looking for an excuse to put all of their high-tech weaponry to good use, so why not make a case for why a Galactic Holocaust will be a good thing?