Death Ship: Cruise Ship is QUARANTINED with Coronavirus Infection!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 31, 2020

What have boomers wrought?

Can you imagine a more horrible fate than being forced to slowly die off aboard a cruise ship?

I would rather die in like, a junkyard.

Or, for that matter, a Chinese container ship.

Fox News:

About 5,023 passengers and 1,628 crew aboard Costa Cruises’ Costa Smeralda ship were being held in an Italian port after a passenger from Macau, China, came down with flu-like symptoms on Wednesday night amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

A Costa Cruises spokesperson confirmed to Fox News on Thursday that sanitary protocol has been activated after a 54-year-old woman fell ill aboard the Smeralda ship, which had sailed from Mallorca, Spain, to Civitavecchia on a weeklong Mediterranean cruise.

The spokesperson said that the sick passenger was placed in isolation in the ship’s hospital last night along with her travel companion, amid concerns that she may be infected with the deadly coronavirus during the global outbreak. The woman’s companion has no symptoms, The Associated Press reports.

As of Thursday morning, Smeralda passengers are being kept on board, pending checks, to determine the type of virus. According to The Telegraph, if the woman indeed has the coronavirus, passengers and crew could be quarantined for two weeks aboard the ship.

“As soon as the suspected case was detected, the Medical Team on board immediately activated all the relevant health procedures to promptly isolate and manage the clinical condition,” the Costa rep said in a statement. “The Health Authority has been immediately notified and is now on board to conduct all the pertinent measures.”

Seven thousand people on a boat.

Can you imagine anything in the universe more disgusting?

Cruise liners are the absolute epitome of the vulgar peasant decadence of the boomer untermensch.

If you want to understand the boomer race, you must understand this: these are a race of peasants who had extreme amounts of wealth dumped on them. Having not been accustomed to wealth, they used that wealth in the most obscene ways.

The parents of the boomers were farm peasants or urban proletariat. After the war, they became immediately rich. And having no background in how you are supposed to raise children in a situation of wealth, they spoiled their children, and created a race of people who believe that everything should be given to them in great abundance, because since infancy, everything was given to them in great abundance.

The boomer race believed that the whole universe exists for the sole purpose of bringing them personal happiness. So they lived their entire lives doing nothing other than satisfying their most base desires.

But it is the nature of these desires that is truly a crime against the order of nature. They did not use their wealth to get into water polo, to taste the finest of wines and cheese, or to uncover the true answers to the ancient mysteries.

Oh no.

They used their wealth to become obese, to buy huge televisions, to buy huge pick-up trucks, to buy huge lawnmowers and to go on huge boats with thousands of other people.

Just please, watch this ad.

And then imagine seeing this ad and saying “:DDDDDDDDD.”

The patrician traveler seeks to experience elements of the cultures he is visiting. The unwashed plebeian boomer seeks only to go in a hotel room on a gigantic boat and stop for a few hours in various places around the world. He will gawk at foreign sights that he does not understand, then he will return to his floating hotel with his compatriots and discuss his bewilderment at his lack of understanding of what he saw.

He should have remained on the farm or in the factory, but with the world at his fingers, he decided to climb into a floating hotel.

But now, that floating hotel may become his coffin.

Because the globalism he has funded through his gross selfishness has created a global plague.

When he reaps what he has sown, however, he will not know that he is reaping what he’s sown. He will simply feel self-pity and even more confusion as he is consumed by the Coronavirus.