Death of Three Americans in Africa Proves That This Iran Bullshit is Retarded

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 6, 2020

Somalians are more terroristic and have less freedoms, human rights and democracy than Iran. But for some reason, no one is up in arms about Somalian influence in Kenya.

So, three Americans dead at the hands of Sunni Islamics.


Al-Shabab extremists overran a key military base used by U.S. counterterror forces in Kenya before dawn Sunday, killing three American Department of Defense personnel and destroying several U.S. aircraft and vehicles before they were repelled, U.S. and Kenyan authorities said.

The attack on the Manda Bay Airfield was the al-Qaida-linked group’s first attack against U.S. forces in the East African country, and the military called the security situation “fluid” several hours after the assault.

Five attackers were killed, Kenyan military spokesman Paul Njuguna said.

Al-Shabab, based in neighboring Somalia, claimed responsibility for the assault.

One U.S. serviceman and two contractors with the U.S. Department of Defense were killed in the fighting, according to a statement issued late Sunday by the U.S. Africa Command, or Africom.

Two contractors and one actual US soldier.

Surely a real US soldier is higher value than a contractor. Let’s say, conservatively, three times as valuable. So this event is five times as bad as what happened in Iraq.

But no bombings of Africa. No high level assassinations of African leaders. No mass mobilization of troops into Africa.

No big Sean Hannity shows about the looming threat of Somalia and the immediate need to act quickly. No calls from Ari Fleischer or Paul Joseph Watson for the liberation of Somalia from the brutal freedom-stealing anti-democracy regime.

Iranian war proponents Ari Fleischer and Paul Joseph Watson are silent on the threat of Somalian influence in Kenya.

Ben Sasse and Lindsey Graham are not going on every news show and calling for a war.

There are no outrageous threats of starting a massive war in Africa by bombing 52 sites in Somalia by the “Macho Man” Donald Trump. In fact, the Macho Man hasn’t even tweeted about the deaths in Kenya – at all. Not even a message of solidarity with the families of the dead or anything else.

Not one single tweet from Macho Man about the deaths of THREE Americans in Kenya and the grave threat of Somalian influence in Kenya.

This has been simply a footnote.

What does that mean?

Well, the fact that the response is so vastly different – with all of this pearl-clutching over Iran and Iraq, and a much worse situation happening in Africa with no concern – must mean that the ruling elite and media classes view Africa differently. Because dead Americans are dead Americans, wherever they may be killed.

The situation in Africa is, just in general, much more dire than the one in Central Asia. Even if you believe in the Ari Fleischer and Paul Joseph Watson view that it is the duty of the American military to “liberate” foreign countries from oppression – surely, the Somalian people are much more “oppressed” by a lack of democracy than the Iranian people.

If you’re concerned about human rights, it’s the same story.

So, in Northeast Africa:

  • More American deaths
  • Worse terrorism
  • Less freedoms
  • Less human rights
  • Less democracy

But the issue is Iran. For some reason.

Not to put too fine a point on it here, but the difference is that Somalia is not viewed as a threat to Israel.

It’s all so tiresome.