Death of Conservatism, Inc.: This Rape Train is Just Getting Rolling

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 29, 2019

At time of writing, we’re a few hours out from the Charlie Kirk Turning Point USA forum at Ohio State University – a university I briefly attended.

Over the weekend, Nick Fuentes was banned from attending a debate Charlie Kirk partook in at Politicon in Tennessee. After Fuentes was grabbed by the cops and it was decided that they wouldn’t take questions. Because Charlie didn’t want to be asked about the fact that he called the cops on Nick.

(What kind of pussy does that? Anita Sarkeesian didn’t even do that to Sargon of Akkad.)

So – will he take questions tonight?

I know for a fact that there are over a dozen of our people there – and they’re going to ask directly why it is that Charlie Kirk goes on and on about free speech and how you have to talk to your opponents, but calls the cops on Nick when he tries to talk to him or go to his debate.

If they’re allowed to.

But after last week’s series of events, on top of the weekend’s happenings, they might not be.

At every TPUSA event last week, Charlie Kirk was barraged with questions about why he is trying to replace the American population with immigrants, why he is loyal to the foreign nation of Israel that attacked the USS Liberty, and why he pushes homosexuality on conservatives while claiming to be a Christian.

He didn’t have good answers.

And he’s got an event coming up next Friday with the Zionist cyclops Dan Crenshaw. And there is no way that guy can either:

  1. Answer questions intelligently, or
  2. Be on video being brutally raped by a groyper forward deployment

This guy has huge amounts of money behind him.

They’re not just going to let people confront him about his demands that taxpayers give all this free money to the bloodsucking Jews so they can have an ethnic nationalist state while we are a “proposition nation.”

But when they stop taking questions – that is when the real rape begins.

Nick Fuentes is on the same page as me that we should start disrupting the events when the questions stop. We will talk about how to do that – probably a lot – before the Arizona event.

I don’t know if a series of shouts is best, or everyone standing up at once, or just ongoing booing. I have to think about it. I’m sure Nick does to.

Right now, you need to get your ticket.

And look at me – seriously, look me in the eyes – this is only just beginning. 

Here’s a little taste of what’s going on:

I’m going to keep people updated on where to get tickets to these things.

And we are going to be there.

This entire thing is a house of cards.

These shills are all promoting ideas that people hate, and the only way it is possible is that they are unquestioned. Charlie Kirk is promoting EB-5 visas and saying we should let the Chinese buy green cards so they can come in and buy up all our property. It takes almost nothing for the whole thing to fall apart.

All that has to happen is that conservatives find out what is going on.

Some weird internet people told you that conservatives want things the way they are. They do not. They simply lack leadership. That is the core premise of “American Nationalism.”

Over the last two years, the American Nationalist movement has risen up leaders. And now they are going to lead.

As the prophecy foretold: “Lo, therefore, a forward deployment of rapist toads… and a Mexican boy will lead them.”

Their explanation of why they are not talking to him simply does not compute. And it can’t hold up.

“He is so evil that we can’t talk to him because he thinks we send too many billions to Israel, but let’s sit down and talk to this guy who wants to implement communism in America.”

I know that Nick is a Joker kinda hero.

But as I’m sitting here, watching this all unfold – I can’t help but remember the hero Bane.

In particular, I remember that time when he was a big guy for you, and then the next part of his plan was crashing this plane with no survivors.