Dear Women: You are Finally Free! Go Forth and Do Something Amazing!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 20, 2016

Viewer warning: this video contains fat women shaking their asses in public.

They are demonstrating their liberation from the patriarchy.

Finally, we have progressed beyond sexism.

Welcome to the glorious equality, goyim filth.

Feminism and liberal values have “freed” these women. This is the result. One may ask: From what, exactly, are they now free from? Is this truly a substitute of equal value to motherhood, childbirth and family? Can these women look into the mirror in the morning and say their life is fulfilled?

If the modern Western woman has been “liberated” from everything that makes her female, what else can she do other than objectify herself by exploiting the only truly feminine trait she has left: Her body?

Feminism has no interest in helping females, the only purpose it serves is obliterating healthy relationships, causing extinction-level birth rates and therefore destabilizing the West. A true feminist supports healthy families and gender roles rather than harlotry, degeneracy and Islam apologetics.

Feminism: The suicide of a gender.


As I have said, we need to do away with the “bitches get what they deserve” meme (which I have probably inadvertently contributed to), which is truly as bad as the “women are equal and logical beings” Jew-feminist meme.

Instead of holding women responsible for their behavior, we need to recognize that they have been victimized by Jews who told them they are capable of making their own life decisions.

So: you have people who are incapable of making responsible decisions presented with the decision of whether or not to start making their own decisions.

There was nothing they could have done.

The anger towards women needs to be channeled towards the Jews who created this situation.

Women themselves should simply be ignored.