Dear Women: Boys Do Not Like a Little Bit More Booty to Hold at Night

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 26, 2017

The Jews who produce this tripe are lying to you.

Fat women are disgusting.

We are not requesting “stick figure silicone Barbie dolls,” we simply want healthy, attractive women.

I cannot believe that after two years, I am still hearing this sickening song in public multiple times a week.

It just is not right.

The Jews are literally marketing obesity as a favorable lifestyle choice – they are selling this to teenage girls.

They are telling them, using scientific methods of psychological manipulation, that boys will like them if they are fat.

This is evil.

Fat people are not simply destroying themselves – they are destroying society.

By refusing to take basic care of yourself and present yourself in a manner that is not disgusting, you are demonstrating vile hatred for everyone around you. Giving gluttonous sluts the “freedom” to be fat takes away the freedom of normal people to not have to look at disgusting fat slobs when they are out in public trying to lead normal lives.

I am 100% on board with fat-shaming.

This is not illegal.

Last, I was at McDonalds, where I sometimes drop in for a coffee while I’m out, I do not eat their food ever. Maybe twice a year I get a sausage McMuffin for breakfast. On my way to the bathroom, I passed two girls probably 21-22 who were fat and scarfing down burgers, French fries and soda. Despite the chilly April in Ohio weather, they were wearing short shorts, showing off their elephant legs. They were proud. Passing them on the way back from the bathroom, I stopped right in front of them, looked at the French fries one was munching, then looked her straight in the eyes, then looked down at her bulbous exposed legs, then looked her straight in the eyes and shook my head and said “Jesus fucking Christ” and walked away.

This is extremely, extremely powerful.

Despite what you’ve seen in Hollywood films, women do not feel guilt. But they absolutely feel shame. And they feel it extremely sharply. Especially when it comes from men. Particularly from assertive men who are in good shape.

If you do this right, the skank will spend hours on end crying about it, will think about it most of her waking hours (as well as in her nightmares) for weeks, and remember it for the rest of her life.

You all need to be doing this, every chance you get.

You are helping your society and your race by doing this, and it will make you feel confident. Looking down on women is something all men should be doing, a status we need to regain in this matriarchal Jew hell of a society we’ve been born into against our will, and fat women are an easy target for building up your confidence.

If you don’t have the confidence yet to walk right up to these whores, you can look at them from a distance, make eye-contact, and shake your head in disgust. This will build your confidence as you train your subconscious mind to understand that these whores are far, far below you.

Note that this may be illegal in some European countries. But it sure as hell isn’t in America. And it needs to be done.

Everyone should make it a personal mission to inflict shame on some horrible slut each and every day of his life. It doesn’t have to be limited to fat women, but all types of stupid, worthless whores.

A key technique is to mention their fathers.

For instance, if you see an interracial couple, you can stop and say, enthusiastically “wow, you guys are such a cute couple,” she will almost certainly interpret this as you giving her exactly what she wants – social approval for her brave social justice act. So then, while she’s smiling, look the stupid bitch straight in the eyes and say “your father must be so proud.” Then, start laughing, and walk away.

The “your father must be so proud” line followed by laugher can be used in all types of different situations.

If a girl is dressed particularly whorishly, or is making some big public attention getting display, you can say “wow, you sure are something – your father must be so proud” and start laughing.

If they get standoffish with you and try to attack you for shaming them, just keep laughing and walk away. If cuckolded white knight faggots try to jump in and defend her honor, laugh at them and keep moving. Don’t engage. Engaging makes it look like it matters to you more than it does, and that then boosts the ego of the slut. You want her to know that you think she is lower than any insect.

I promise you, this will make you feel GREAT because you are doing a very GREAT thing for our race and society. You can then teach your friends to do the same. We can create an entire social movement, very rapidly, as men begin to realize the deep spiritual joy and righteousness they feel in putting these stupid whores in their place.

You can do this alone – but you can also do it with your book club mates. A group of men mocking and shaming a slut amplifies the shame felt by the slut exponentially.


IMPORTANT PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: For any remaining white knights who just don’t get it, and accuse me of somehow making it so men won’t be successful with women if they view them and treat them this way, you know absolutely nothing whatsoever about women. What I do on this website is teach men to be the kind of men who are desired by women, so that they can get laid and pro-create.

Men who engage in the type of behavior I have outlined here are the kind of men that women desire more than anything. In fact, they are the only type of men they desire. This is evolutionary biology, it is a scientific fact, and if you don’t understand this or try to disagree with it you are simply announcing you know absolutely nothing about women and have had little to no experience with them. Everyone who has had experience with women knows that what I am saying here is true in the absolutest sense, the same sense in which water is wet and the sun is hot.

Women have exactly zero desire to be “respected” by men who view them as “equals” – women desire to be dominated by men who view them as property.

I want my boys to get laid, I want my boys to sire strong white children with beautiful white women. And I am teaching them to be the kind of men who get that job done.

My agenda is to save the white race by helping men to become men again, and I don’t give a fuck about the tears of you pussy-worshiping cowards who have abandoned OUR WOMEN to their own fundamentally self-destructive natures by refusing to give them male guidance through the mechanism of public shaming.

You white knight cowards are the ones who are destroying OUR WOMEN by abdicating your masculine duty to put them in their place where they are safe and protected by men who dominate and own them, while at the same time claiming that any man who stands up and does his masculine duty is the bad guy.

White knights are worse than Jews – they are traitors.