Dear Coomers: Masturbation is Literally the Worst Thing Ever

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2019

The more we find out about masturbation, the more we wonder if chronic masturbation is not in fact worse than heroin addiction.

I have written for years that along with a spiritual battle, we are also in a biological battle, and that our hormonal systems are being destroyed and that this is leading to humanity – both men and women – mutating into a new androgynous form of life.

I have been writing for years about the fact that constant ejaculation lowers testosterone and breaks the psyche, and that this may be the second biggest contributor – second to plastics and other endocrine-disrupting petrochemicals in our environment – in the total collapse of masculinity in our society. There are other factors that certainly do not help, but chronic masturbation and petrochemicals are the big two. (Note: The big two destroying femininity among women are petrochemicals and birth control pills.)

Thankfully, /pol/ has compiled a list of studies showing the deleterious effects of masturbation and pornography.

I am starting to believe that it is the intention of God and nature that we only have sex to produce children, or in the case of an absolute emergency. Absolute emergencies should stop happening before the age of 25, however.

Children can only really be produced during a woman’s fertile period, which is only 2-4 days per month. And that is the only time when women strongly desire sex, and will harass a man for it. Thus, I think that this is the only time we are biologically intended to have sex. This is the behavior pattern of the overwhelming majority of mammals.

What appears to have happened is that the Jews have filled our culture not only with pornography, but with sexualized imagery everywhere. On billboards, in all entertainment media, everything.

And, they have “liberated” women to wear slutty clothing in public.

So, we men exist in a constant state of sexual agitation, which then leads to a pathological fixation on sex, which leads to compulsively seeking out sex and/or chronically masturbating.

It is clear that the Jews wish us to endlessly masturbate and/or fornicate, which is why they create this sexualized imagery and pornography, and tell women to wear slutty clothing in public.

It is ideal that we stop engaging in this behavior as a part of reclaiming our masculinity.

Stop masturbating, completely.

And stop having sex, unless absolutely necessary.

Don’t go around thinking that you’re missing out on something by not having sex.

Don’t fixate on it.

Realize that women are a total waste of time unless they are producing your children. There is literally no circumstance under which you should interact with a woman who is not related to you unless you have a mission to get her pregnant. (Or if she is a prostitute, and you’re having an emergency.)

What we are dealing with in the West is a spiritual crisis, and this crisis is infecting our biology. Sex has always been associated with female satanic powers, and the access of demons to our bodies, and this appears to literally translate into an attack on our hormonal systems. That truth brings together the spiritual and biological aspects of our struggles.

Do not be a coomer.

Do not submit to the forces of evil by giving them access to your body and soul.

Resist temptation and make yourself into the man you were intended by God to become.