Dear City-Dweller: Yes, You’re Going to be Tortured, Yes, It Will Probably be Gay Torture by Trannies

People were shocked this morning when I noted that those who are making excuses as to why they have to stay in the city are going to be rounded up and tortured – and that this torture will probably be gay.

It is very frustrating to me that some of you people seem to think that when I say “leave the city right now” that it doesn’t apply to you. It does apply to you. This is not a game. You are all on lists. Even without visiting naughty websites, you would be on lists from things that your neighbors said about you. Jen Psaki has already admitted they are making lists of the unvaxxed.

The government is making all of these lists, and they are going to hunt people down.

You might be thinking: “Well, the 1/6 protesters are being tortured, and that is just 23 hours solitary confinement and irregular beatings by the blacks. That doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.”

Firstly, 23 hour solitary with no books is probably one of the single most extreme forms of torture that there is. It might not sound bad just thinking about it, but it is very, very bad.

Secondly: this party is just getting started. As we progress deeper into this system, the forms of torture employed are going to get more and more extreme.

The Jews have built an army of colorfuls and sexual perverts. The people in the DC jail are only being tortured by the colorfuls. The guards are all black and the only thing they can think of as torture is “we gonna beat yo azz white boi.”

But now imagine: what if you get into a torture facility run by trannies?

Do you think ass-beating will be at the top of their list of preferred torture?

Some of you people acting like this is a game have families. So even if you get into a torture facility run by colorfuls, that means that your wives and daughters are going to be gang-raped in front of you.

So, all I’m asking you is to do a little exercise in your brain:

  • List all of the various excuses you have for not leaving the city, and then
  • Think about what those excuses will mean when you’re being tortured by homosexuals or watching your daughter get gang-raped by black guards

I promise you: if you don’t leave the city, you will regret it.

You need to do this and you need to do it quickly. Remember when we used to talk about the impending mega-doom the Jews were bringing down on us, and everyone would say “well, there will be a warning before things get really bad”?

What you are witnessing right now is the warning. They are arresting the opposition, they are already setting up torture camps for political dissidents. They are moving to totally shut down all of the information. They are making all of these major moves, right in front of you.

If you go to a rural area, you will be relatively safe. This is what is going to happen:

  • They are going to completely lock down the cities
  • They are going to say that they’ll deal with the rural people later, because it’s a huge hassle to get into shootouts with them
  • The system will collapse before they ever get around to messing with rural people

Obviously, some of you still have jobs. Well, you can commute for the time being. An hour outside of town puts you in a completely different country in most areas, and you can drive an hour back and forth from work. You’re probably not going to have a job much longer anyway.

Here’s the Ohio map:

Look at the black dots. Any of those black dots are 98% heterosexual white Christian. Everyone voted for Donald Trump, most remain unvaxxed. That will be safe.

Those people have guns, they have pickup trucks, they are unvaxxed, and they will shoot back at the feds if they try to invade with the Vaxx Force.

How Long You Have

No one has any idea when the hammer is going to come down, just that it is soon.

After I posted earlier today, one guy wrote me: “I’ll just start walking now.” When I say “emergency,” I obviously don’t mean this exact hour.

But to put it in real terms: if you stay in a city past the end of the summer, you are playing a very serious game with your life.

It’s sad that this is happening. Obviously, no one wanted this to happen. But it is happening. Nothing is going back to normal. We are now locked in on a road to Hell.

This is not going to end until it is over. These Jews in charge are going to push it until the wheels come off.

If you’re coming up with excuses, and somehow thinking this doesn’t apply to you for some reason, you are in the midst of a state of denial, and you are incapable of properly processing obvious facts.

Think about how right I’ve been about everything. If you’re a new reader, go back and read the stuff in March of 2020 where I said the virus was a hoax designed to collapse the economy, steal everyone’s freedoms, and lock them in a high-tech control grid. Then look at me now telling you that if you don’t leave the city, you’re going to end up in the middle of a horror show.

The most insane part about all of this is that you will actually enjoy your life so much more once you are out of the city. You are leveling up to a better life – and you’re resisting that, while rolling the dice on getting gay-tortured by trannies.

You’re not processing information correctly, and you just need to trust me.

Sometime in the not-too-distant future, you will remember reading this, and it will either be when you’re peacefully sitting in a safe rural landscape, or when you’re getting tortured by trannies in a Democrat reeducation camp.

Those are the only two outcomes for you. There is no third option. You are not going to be able to “slide by” this system – again, look up the word “totalitarianism” for more information on that. This is a totalitarian system.

If for the first time I end up being wrong, and for some reason everything just goes from where it is now back to normal, it will be a monumental nonsense event. Do you want to make that gamble?

God said “come out of her.”

You can listen to God, you can listen to me, or you can risk your nightmares coming into reality.