Deadly R.1 Variant is a Really Deadly Variant – For Sure


You escaped Alpha.

You escaped Delta.

You escaped Mu.

But you see, the thing about pipers is this: they demand to be paid in blood.

You will not escape R.1.

R.1 is the real deal, and it’s happening now. This is when you will finally understand those videos of Chinese people collapsing in the street.

It bypasses the vax. The vax is basically worthless now, admittedly.

But you still have to get it to work or do anything else at all.

It’s a social thing, the vax. It shows that you’re on board with the fight against racism, transphobia, Chinese people, whiteness, and Donald Trump.

Don’t ask how they’re testing for these variants. Only a white supremacist would ask about that.

True believers in democracy simply believe – because it’s the right thing to do. 

11 Alive:

Out of all the COVID variants emerging, the one called R.1 got into a nursing home in Eastern Kentucky this past March — a nursing home where almost all of the residents were vaccinated.

That R.1 COVID variant, carried into the facility by an infected health care worker, was able to infect one-fourth of the vaccinated residents. The same variant is here in Georgia.

“That’s the first warning, that there was a virus that spreads through a fully vaccinated population,” said William Haseltine, Ph.D., a COVID-19 researcher and a former Harvard Medical School professor.

“This particular one, one that can penetrate vaccine defenses in nursing homes, gives you cause for concern,” he said, calling the variant “something really to watch.”

In that Kentucky nursing home, one of the vaccinated patients died, and two of the unvaccinated patients died. R.1 has since spread to all but three states, with more than 2,200 cases nationwide.

In Georgia, there are fewer than 100 R.1 cases, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Dr. Haseltine, who wrote in Forbes this week that R.1 can lead to “increased resistance to antibodies,” told 11Alive on Wednesday that there are now more than 10,000 R.1 cases worldwide.

“This virus, this particular strain, has a potential to get around,” he said. “It’s doing it differently from many of the other viruses.”

Haseltine said the R.1 variant can simply overpower vaccine antibodies.

“It’s doing it mostly by making more of itself once it gets into the body, not only by evading what happens on the way in.”

You thought the vaccine would save you?

You pathetic fool.

The only thing that can ever save you is nothing.


You are doomed completely and no one can help you.

Not even Fauci himself can protect you from what is coming.

You could be held in his loving and fatherly arms, and it still would not ever save you at all.

But get the vax and get excited for the next vax.

By the way, is this guy from the Civil War?

Or is that some kind of Freemason costume?

I’ve never seen a doctor wear that costume, and he’s got some kind of global religion stuff in his office, which is for some reason a conference room.