Deadly Brazilian Strain Comes to New York!

Until now, I thought the only thing that came from Brazil was Victoria’s Secret models.

Now, I know that something else comes from there: a deadly variant of the deadly coronavirus.

I know that thanks to the front page story on the New York Times.

How are they measuring the existence of these “variants”?

Does no one ask that?

It’s a rhetorical question – you’re not allowed to ask that. You’re not allowed to ask anything, because science does not abide being questioned. Science is a doctrine of ultimate truth, the kind of which the Christ and the Buddha could only dream of.

Science is so true that it is beyond questioning.

But if I were some kind of heretic, I might ask: how exactly are they measuring the existence of these “new strains”?

What I would find out is that they are amplifying the PCR test, and just picking out pieces of things randomly, and claiming they are new strains.

But how do they make these claims?

They do it using the guidance of science, which gives them the ability to measure the immeasurable.

Science has given us one task and that is to reduce the positive testing by increasing testing to the highest possible levels. We must test everyone every second, and they all must be negative.

Then, and only then, can we wear one mask instead of two.

We need to get the gang back together.

We need the Old Governor.

Only he has the ability to stop this new Brazilian strain – by softly asking if he can kiss it.