Black and Drug Addict Protesters Destroying Statues Everywhere

Did you know that Africans enslave Africans in African countries now, in 2020?

There’s a Wikipedia page about “slavery in the 21st century,” and it’s all just about blacks and Arabs.

But it’s okay, because just as you cannot be racist against white people, you cannot be guilty of slavery against blacks if you’re black.

It’s also kinda like how it’s okay for blacks to kill other blacks in shootouts pretty much every day without anyone batting an eye, but the moment a black male dies of a heart attack close to a clear-skinned cop, everyone loses their minds.

Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes statue vandalized in San Francisco.

St. Junipero Serra statue vandalized in San Francisco.

Yes, you did the slavery thing, and now you’re doing it all over again by allowing statues that represent slavery to exist.

But did you know that Arabs and Moslems enslaved white people? We should go to Moslem countries and demand justice for our ancestors.

In fact, we should just go ahead and bring back every conflict that ever happened in the history of the world that involved Europe.

Because the past isn’t the past. The past is the present.

For instance, we just celebrated the abolition of slavery.

Daily Mail:

Millions of Americans took to the streets on Juneteenth to celebrate the abolition of slavery, with anti-racism marches and peaceful rallies held to celebrate Black lives –  as New York City and other places formally made the day an official holiday.

The Juneteenth celebrations held across the United States are meant to be a commemoration of progress, but this year the mass gatherings are taking place amid nationwide protests against racial injustice at the hands of law enforcement.

In New York City, thousands of residents flooded local parks, streets and plazas across all five boroughs.

We should abolish slavery more often, because one time wasn’t enough.

If you stopped killing them, they wouldn’t be asking for you to stop killing them.

Think about it.

No human is illegal. Give stuff to foreigners! Let’s just mix every anti-white thing together in one march, because why not?