Dead Brothel Owner Winning Nevada Assembly Seat is a Referendum on Hooking in America

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2018

People love hookers so much they’re willing to elect dead people to represent their interests in hooking.

Americans are so pro-hooker, they will elect a dead brothel owner by a landslide.

Fox News:

A Nevada brothel owner and reality TV star who died last month after fashioning himself as a Donald Trump-style Republican candidate has won a heavily GOP state legislative district.

Dennis Hof defeated Democratic educator Lesia Romanov on Tuesday in the race for Nevada’s 36th Assembly District, which includes rural communities and large stretches of desert in the southern part of the state. County officials will appoint a Republican to take his place in the seat.

Hof was found dead Oct. 16 after a weekend of parties celebrating his 72nd birthday. Officials are still determining his cause of death, but they don’t suspect foul play.

This is a full referendum on hookers and the fact that it is high-time to legalize full-on prostitution in America.

The outlawing of hookers is a feminist conspiracy and is leading to deep psychological disorders among young men, which sometimes result in yoga studios getting blasted.

Most men at this point are intelligent enough to know that having a wife or girlfriend is stupid and insane. The only reason men are still willing to play this game is that they view it as the only way to get laid. If we legalize hooking, we remove all power from women completely.

Legalizing hooking would result in a massive economic boom, as men stop wasting their precious time and vital life essence trying to deal with stupid sluts. Instead, they can walk in the brothel and walk out 20 minutes later with their business taken care of and get down to what matters: MAKING MONEY, BABY.

Not thinking about how to try to “game” stupid drunk sluts at bars would also give men time to focus on organizing a political revolution.

Male energy is being bottlenecked by sexual frustration. The time is now to unclog that bottleneck by legalizing hookers.

We can talk all we want about taking women’s rights away from them, and someday that might happen. We might be able to pull that off. But right now, we have a very easy POSITIVE way to give power back to men and that is by legalizing whores.

If we legalize it, there are going to be enough sluts willing to get into this industry that the average 30 minute session is going to cost only between $50-100. This will mean that even working class young men and students will be able to visit a brothel at least once a month, and be free to focus on REAL SHIT.

And because they are focusing on REAL SHIT, they’re going to have mad money and then be able to get hookers whenever they want. Every night if they wish, as they are starting businesses and making big moves in the financial sector and becoming doctors and lawyers and everything else.

Furthermore, guys are going to get ripped in the gym and learn martial arts and all kinds of other things.

We’re going to be making all kinds of new inventions, like robots that do all sorts of shit and we’re going to conquer outer space.

We might even solve the mystery of time travel. 

Women are the bottleneck of male creativity and human potential. 

Hookerism legalization would force stupid sluts to realize that they never had any actual value beyond their vaginas. They will realize that all the men telling them they had good personalities and were funny were lying to them. It will crush their egos and force them to change their entire orientation.

How much power will some stupid slut have if she knows at any moment you can roll into a brothel and get better service than she’d ever be able to provide?

This is a real goal which can be achieved. It is much more realistic than trying to outlaw abortion or change the divorce courts. It will remove 99% of the value of women, and white knights will cease to exist.

Because all a white knight is is a manipulative pussy bitch who thinks he can get laid by defending the honor of stupid whores. When he realizes that everyone else is getting laid simply by throwing around dollar bills.