DCLeaks Site Shuts Down, Twitter Suspended Following Soros Leaks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 28, 2016


What do you do when the goyim know?

If you release evidence showing that Jews control and manipulate society for Jew purposes, you will be punished.

Trust me. I know about that.

Daily Caller:

DCLeaks, a website that releases information on powerful political figures, has had part of its website taken offline after releasing a cache of documents on billionaire donor George Soros. The @DCLeaks Twitter account has also been suspended from Twitter for reasons unknown.

The website had previously released 2,500 internal Open Society Foundation (OSF) documents in order to “shed light on one of the most influential networks operating worldwide.” OSF is one of Soros’ networks of organizations.

The leaked documents had resulted in several damaging reports about the organization. OSF had previously confirmed that the documents were legitimate.

Before the website went offline, an OSF spokesperson had called the leaks “a symptom of an aggressive assault on civil society and human rights activists that is taking place globally” in a statement released to The Daily Caller.

Yes, there’s that “human rights” thing again.

From the Jews.

It becomes more clear every day that “human rights” is the dogma of the Jewish doctrine of “democracy,” a catch-all term used to bludgeon the goyim.

Interestingly, it was only the Soros part of the DCLeaks page that was shut down. I don’t even know how that is possible, unless they actually hacked the site and just decided to remove only one part.

The @DCLeaks Twitter account also went down, suspended by Twitter about the same time as the page disappeared. Twitter has yet to give any explanation for this.


Don’t let the beard fool you. Jack Dorsey is not a real monk.