DC Police Officers Give “Harrowing Account” of “Defending the Capitol” from the “Insurrection”

Many of these officers have PTSD from when they were ordered to open the doors of the Capitol building and then the QAnon Shaman started talking to them in a really weird way.

What’s more, many of them had their lives threatened by Ashli Babbitt. After she was shot to death, there was a very real chance that she could have collapsed on one of the officers and gotten blood on them – a truly harrowing prospect.

Most of them will never recover.

Let’s go to Fox News for more:

The four police officers described a very different kind of pressure that they faced on Jan. 6 — violent, cruel, life-threatening pressure.

No one would dispute that they are heroes. They held the line, with democracy at stake. It was heartbreaking to watch, not least because of the sense of betrayal in their voices about being assaulted by those they are pledged to defend.

Daniel Hodges of the D.C. police said he feared he would be lynched as rioters shouted “Traitors!” and “Your mother’s a whore!” and “You will die on your knees!”

Harry Dunn of the Capitol Police said he was hit with a “torrent of racial epithets,” including “F***ing N-word,” and “this [N-word] voted for Joe Biden.” Another Black officer told Dunn that a rioter had allegedly said, “Put your gun down and we’ll show you what kind of [N-word] you really are.” Dunn blamed Donald Trump for his role on Jan. 6, likening him to someone who hired a “hit man” to conduct a crime.

Aquilino Gonell, an Iraq War veteran serving with the Capitol Police, said “I could feel myself losing oxygen and recall thinking to myself, ‘This is how I’m going to die — defending this entrance.’” 

Asked about one GOP lawmaker comparing most of the protesters to tourists, Gonell said: “How do you call an attack on a police officer a ‘tour’ when you see my bleeding hands, when you see all the officers getting concussions, getting maimed, getting fingers shattered, eyes gouged?”

Now that’s the kind of pressure most of us cannot even imagine.

Indeed, Rep. Jamie Raskin said he wished lawmakers would show “a fraction of the courage and valor” displayed by these officers.

To be fair, Raskin survived the Holocaust – so he knows a thing or two about harrowing experiences.

Look, we all know the political backdrop here. It’s in the Democrats’ interest to keep the spotlight on the attack on the Capitol and Trump’s role. It’s in the Republicans’ interest to move on and avoid saying anything that will aggravate Trump, who continues to defend the “loving crowd” and argue the election was stolen (which of course is what Jan. 6 was about).

But that doesn’t undercut the importance of investigating this tragedy.

The two pro-impeachment Republicans who joined the panel also withstood pressure from their own party and may well have sacrificed their careers. “Do we hate our political adversaries more than we love our country and revere our Constitution?” Cheney asked. Still, it would have been better if the panel included pro-Trump Republicans.

But the four officers who testified — and all who risked their lives at an insurrection in which 140 cops were injured — set an example for the world. For that, they deserve the gold medal, and our everlasting thanks.

It truly was heroic, that they opened the doors to the Capitol and let these boomers come in, and then were supposedly yelled at.

We don’t have any footage of them being yelled at or called the n-word, and the thousands of hours of footage from the Capitol can never be released by the government because of National Security and the Chinese and Russian threat, but we have to believe their stories.

“Believe all cops” is a central concept of our democracy and values.

One officer started crying; he was so sad thinking about the QAnon Shaman asking him over and over “we’re cool, right?”

But that’s nothing compared to how sad the black man was.

Blacks are sacred to our democracy.

Cops are sacred, and their stories must be believed.

We’ve just had a solid year of pro-cop protests, and we’re going to leave these cops hanging out to dry with their emotions in our democracy?

Not likely.

Here’s the full hearing, where you will experience the total range of emotions.

Just a reminder: here’s a video of what they had to suffer through, as they opened the doors and allowed the MAGA terrorists to walk in.

Why did they open the doors?

Well, obviously, they were afraid they would be yelled at even more if they didn’t, and as you can see from the above videos of these men crying, they are very emotional people, and couldn’t handle more yelling.

They are the greatest heroes our democracy has ever known.