DC: No Riots Yet Because People Don’t Know What to Chant (There was Some Minor Violence)

The violence hasn’t really started yet, because we are still waiting for the election results. Without the election results, no one has a cue as to whether or not they are supposed to riot, and what they are supposed to be shouting when they riot.

It was actually incredible to be sitting and watching no riots last night.

But there was some violence in Washington, D.C.

Bevelyn Beatty, a Christian and pro-white black woman who runs a thing called “Jesus Matters,” was stabbed multiple times in the back in D.C. That is on video.

Full video:

Beatty is actually impressively funny for both a black and especially for a woman. She is famous for dumping paint on Black Lives Matter murals and then screaming “JESUS MATTERS!”

I guess she proves both “not all blacks” and “not all women” – except of course she is a target of extermination by other blacks and women.

Several Proud Boys were also stabbed during the incident (sort of visible in the above video). Enrique Tarrio told The Gateway Pundit he was slashed across the stomach. Multiple others were stabbed.

No arrests have been made.

There was also other violence in the capital.

There was even Antifa-on-Antifa violence!

Antifa had some pretty elaborate masks from “The Purge.”

There are the implications from the movie, of course – which is about an alternative reality United States where one night of the year you’re allowed to murder people – but there is the more pressing implication that these people’s reality is totally based on Hollywood movies.

If you wonder how Antifa are able to frame themselves as “rebels” while supporting the full agenda of the global ruling class, it’s not complicated: they are idiotic millennials who believe they live in a Hollywood movie.

The blacks were also doing weird sex stuff, as is expected.

Fiddy had a funny retweet of Elijah Schaffer.

It’s just a tiny preview of what is to come across the country.

I hope you’re prepared.