DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Tweets Lewd Fast Food Anime Meme Picture for Independence Day


My favorite part of the meme is that the jacked Ronald McDonald is forcing Cuck Sanders to hold up Wendy’s french fries.

They don’t even sell Wendy’s french fries at KFC.

Ronald has made the Colonel his BITCH.

Fox News:

Washington, D.C.’s mayor turned a few heads with her Independence Day tweet.

As the nation was celebrating its 245th birthday, Mayor Muriel Bowser celebrated in a unique way, tweeting out a pornographic anime meme featuring well-known fast-food mascots.

The image features Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders of McDonald’s and KFC fame, respectively, holding up the breasts of fellow fast-food mascot Wendy from Wendy’s, who is scantily clad and baring vampire fangs.

It didn’t take long for Bowser to delete the tweet, but not before it was captured and preserved by Twitter users, as well as Politiwoops, which tracks deleted tweets from politicians.

The web artist behind the meme, known online as Purple Vulpes, reacted to Bowser including her drawing on Twitter.


Bowser’s office did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

I’m glad I read that news article just now, because I didn’t even realize that was Wendy. I thought it was just a random skank.

Looking closer, Ronald is also holding a Wendy’s Jr. bacon cheeseburger.

Oh, man. That shit looks delicious.

Why would that bitch tweet this?

Is it a joke? Was it in her memes folder for some reason?

I don’t imagine she has a memes folder, in fact.

This is a real mystery.