DC: High School has Gay Pride Festival, Principal Tells Everyone He’s a Closet Queer

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 6, 2014

I'm sure he's not been molesting boys this whole time.
I’m sure he’s not been molesting boys this whole time.

Woodrow Wilson High in Washington, DC was having a gay pride celebration – which is apparently something that happens at high schools in America now – and the school’s principal, Pete Cahall, came out and told the people he was a secret gay.


“That was so unexpected,” gay school senior Tao Marwell told ABC News affiliate station WJLA-TV in Washington. “I had no idea. I have so much more respect for him now.

His hands trembling, his voice shaking, his speech stuttered, Cahall confessed something Wednesday he said he had waited many years to say publicly.

“I am a proud gay man that just happens to be the principal of Wilson High School,” he said as students cheered and clapped, according to WJLA.

It all unfolded at the school’s second annual gay pride celebration during Wednesday’s lunch hour. When Cahall was handed the microphone, he looked overwhelmed and uneasy, WJLA reported.

He said he had only told a small circle of friends about his sexuality, not even his family.

“I have been in the shadows, but I am liberated today,” Cahall told the audience. “I have not made this declaration before, because I did not want my kids [the students] to think differently, or not respect me.”

The gay student respects him much more because he engages in anal sex with men. Makes perfect sense.

It just keeps on getting weirder, does it not?

It honestly appears that there is no bottom to this pit of evil we have fallen into.

Westboro Baptist Church has said they will protest the school next week.