DC Cops Go Ahead and Arrest Proud Boys Leader Ahead of Wednesday Rally

Arresting a protest leader before a protest on some random, unrelated charge, as an excuse to hold them while the protest happens, is a classic third world move.

Unfortunately, we now live in a classically third world country.

Proud Boys’ leader Enrique Tarrio was arrested in Washington, DC on Monday, ahead of the major Stop the Steal anti-election fraud rally scheduled in DC for Wednesday. Tarrio, like many, was already in DC in preparation for the demonstration.

The stated reason for the arrest was that he vandalized a Black Lives Matter flag in DC.

This happened more than two weeks ago. The FBI allegedly investigated the burning of the flag as a hate crime, and Tarrio said on the internet that it was not.

It’s unclear if he’s actually being charged with a hate crime (he probably isn’t), and it is abnormal to literally raid someone and arrest them on a vandalism charge. The timing of it makes it painfully obvious that this is just a way to keep him out of Wednesday’s protest.

It’s shameful that our country has turned into a third world joke.

The rally is being promoted by Donald Trump and he himself will be in attendance.

It’s going to be a big deal, and you need to be there – whatever it costs you.

This is history unfolding in real time, folks.