Days of Lead Descend on Italy – Lessons for the American Alt-Right

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 3, 2018

There’s an election coming up and the Italian Right seems sure to make a comeback thanks to local disgust at the destruction of their country by savages – and I’m not talking about Brussels here, but about the non-White hordes.


Antifa activists set fires and pelted police with bottles after being barred from reaching a far-right rally being held in the Italian city of Genoa. The clashes highlight political tensions ahead of Sunday’s general election.

According to local press, around 250 ‘anti-fascist’ demonstrators threw smoke bombs, started fires and clashed with municipal police on Friday. It came after authorities prevented them from confronting a far-right rally organized by CasaPound, a neo-fascist political party named after American poet and Fascist sympathizer Ezra Pound.

If you’re an American like me, sometimes you look at scenes like this and wish we had similar street battles in the states. It would be fun to fight Antifa in the streets with your WN bros.

We had some of that last year, with mixed results.

Here’s the thing – street action only makes sense in the context of denying your enemy the ability to mobilize for marches and that sort of thing.

So there has to be a party behind your vanguard that you make the streets safe for. If it’s just two radical fringe groups fighting in the streets, no one cares and the results are mixed to say the least.

But if, like in Italy, the right-wing youth vanguard in the streets have tacit support from the broader Right, well that’s a different story. If you’ve been paying attention, there have been rolling battles between Antifa and right-wing groups all over Italy recenty. And the Italian public seems to be far more open to the message of the Right, so much so that they actually say on camera what they feel.

This has not yet happened in the US.

In the context of the run-up to the Italian elections, all of this makes sense.

Antifa and the nationalist groups are fighting for space and the Right has support from more mainstream groups in a way that it does not have in America. Hell, even the police play fair with the nationalists in Italy – unlike in America, probably because they would be held to account by the right-wing parties who would cry foul.

In America, conservatives tripped over themselves to throw the Alt-Right demonstrators under the bus, while all shades of the Left defended Antifa.

There is a lot to be learned from what is happening in Italy.

There the Right is far more cohesive than it is in America. You have a division of labor. Right-wing street fighters and Right-wing parties stay separate but don’t attack one another. They work together on an implicit level. They even find ways to get the police on their side.

We should be taking notes.

When Trump runs for re-election soon, there will be more serious street battles in America as conservatives will be attacked all over the country at rallies and conferences by Antifa.

Without some institutional support, our guys will simply get beaten, arrested and left to twist in the wind like they were after Charlottesville. Alt-Right “leaders” probably won’t do anything to help them this time around either.

This is why we need somebody within the mainstream conservative movement willing to at least not counter-signal us. That’s why we need to join the NRA, take over CPAC and start making inroads into the Republican party.

It’s not cucking, it’s about creating a wide coalition.

We should do as the Italians do, and learn to create a movement like they do.