Day Four of Serbian Freedom Protests Against Brutal NGO Lesbo-Mommy Lockdown Dictatorship

Imagine living in a country made up of one unified European nation, with normal levels of testosterone.

Problems just solve themselves.


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has said the ‘terrorists’ fueling violence in Belgrade will be arrested and held accountable, after a fourth day of protests saw more tear gas and clashes with riot police.

“I am proud of Serbia for enduring this,” Vucic said on Friday from Paris, where he was meeting with French and German leaders to discuss negotiations with the breakaway province of Kosovo. He denounced the violence and chaos as “pure terrorism.”

I am proud of Serbia for enduring having this estrogenic blob as president of their country.

They really need an Orban type figure.

A mass of protesters, mostly young men and women, gathered outside the Serbian parliament again on Friday, chanting slogans against Vucic, Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, and the entire Progessive Party government.

Of course – a mommy.

No, wait – it’s a brutal lesbian dominatrix.

Serbia’s first openly lesbian Prime Minister, in actual fact.

Brnabic called the protests “irresponsible behavior” and said that Serbia recorded 386 new cases of Covid-19 on Friday, along with 18 deaths.

After a long standoff, aphalanx of police fired tear gas and moved to disperse the protesters.

Clashes first broke out on Tuesday, after Vucic departed for France and a day after the government announced it would reimpose a draconian Covid-19 lockdown – a measure later abandoned due to the public backlash.

Thursday saw a change of tone as sympathizers of pro-Western NGOs staged sit-ins and shouted down anyone carrying a Serbian flag or chanting nationalist slogans. Nationalists have repeatedly rebuffed attempts by politicians and NGO activists to take over the protests, on multiple occasions chasing off opposition officials who tried to infiltrate.

Western Democracy is a truly remarkable system.

There could, perhaps, be some other system that, out of a population of millions of healthy people, selects the weirdest and most sexually dysmorphic ones to rule over the rest. It could also have them take away everyone’s freedom, by placing them under house arrest and such, and use the police to crush them when they resist. It could even have foreign shills come in and abuse the people for waving the national flag.

But to do all of this while claiming to represent freedom, human rights and the will of the people?

Only Western Democracy can do that.

And only Western Democracy could invent the lunatic coronavirus lockdown program. In rising up, the Serbs are as much attacking Western Democracy in general as they are the lockdown specifically.

This is why you need to take care of yourself. When it is time to do something, like the Serbs are having a time to do something, you cannot be fat, weak and soft.

With respect to diet, you’re all unemployed now, so you have plenty of time to cook healthy from scratch. As far as exercise is concerned, you now have plenty of time to go hiking, camping or hunting. Also, the gyms are all closed, so that might be the only way you’re getting any exercise.

You’ll need it.

A time will come.