Daw Suu Visits Hungary to Discuss Moslem Problem – Jews Say They’re All Evil

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 10, 2019

Daw Suu recently made a special trip to Hungary to talk about the growing international Islamic menace.

Let’s see what the burrowing, bloodsucking Jewish ticks of Vox have to say about this event.


Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, who was once lauded internationally for her efforts to bring democracy to Myanmar, made a rare trip to Europe this week.

But the civilian leader’s purpose this time wasn’t to champion human rights and democracy. It was to meet with far-right Hungarian autocrat Viktor Orbán to lament the “continuously growing Muslim populations” in both of their countries.

“The two leaders highlighted that one of the greatest challenges at present for both countries and their respective regions — South East Asia and Europe — is migration,” read a statement released by the Hungarian government after the summit. “They noted that both regions have seen the emergence of the issue of coexistence with continuously growing Muslim populations.”

That’s a chilling statement. Over the past two years, Suu Kyi has stood by during the genocide of Myanmar’s Rohingya, a long-persecuted Muslim minority group. Hundreds of thousands have been killed or have fled their homes to escape the widespread crackdown.

Orbán, meanwhile, has described migrants from the Middle East and central Asia who are fleeing violence and economic hardship as “Muslim invaders” and has taken dramatic measures to curtail the number of immigrants entering Hungary, including constructing a massive barbed-wire fence along the border with Serbia.

In that context, the statement from the two leaders basically translates as: “We either want to keep Muslims away from us or kill them.”

The statement makes two things depressingly clear. First, followers of Islam are increasingly persecuted all around the globe, not just in Europe, even though much press has been devoted to that trend in recent years. Second, Suu Kyi’s fall from grace isn’t slowing down — it’s accelerating.

Something is accelerating – that’s for sure.

But I’m quite sure it isn’t Daw Suu’s “fall from grace,” which is in fact only in your sickening Jew brains. She is loved more than ever – not only by her own people in Burma, but throughout Asia. She is considered a hero for standing up to the Moslems in the name of the Buddha and the yellow races.

But let us consider what Vox is actually trying to say here: they are making the baseless assertion that Moslems are not a problem, and anyone who lives with them and says that they are a problem is lying, and that actually they would only say that because they are evil.

This is the level to which geopolitical discourse has sunk – not just on trashy blogs like Vox, but everywhere in the West: if you don’t agree with our baseless assertions, you are evil.

This is simply not an adult way to handle complex sociological and geopolitical issues. If you have a situation where one side of the political debate simply claims that their opponents are motivated by metaphysical evil, you cannot ever even begin to have a real discussion about anything.

To be fair, there are occasions when the media will throw something out about “oh well, some people are having a hard time integrating with these massive populations we’re moving into their homes…” – but then others will come out and attack anyone who says something like that as justifying evil.

And apparently, there are a significant number of people who are okay with simply accepting the explanation that anyone who disagrees with the seemingly limitless series of baseless assertions made by the globalist elite can only be disagreeing because they are evil.

We are at the point where none of this can ever be reconciled. Because you cannot ever actually back down from having declared anyone who disagrees with you to be driven by metaphysical evil. You’ve officially ruled out the ability to have any kind of discussion about anything.

And of course, the Jews have done this on purpose. They want a situation where any kind of discussion is impossible. Because you cannot really have a discussion based on logic or reason about the concept of replacing native populations with Moslems. You can’t even really have an adult discussion about whether it is even possible for large numbers of Moslems to live peacefully among non-Moslems. We have actual hard data on these issues. So the only option is to refuse the discussion outright, and the way to do that is to accuse anyone who dares question globalist Jewish orthodoxy of metaphysical evil.

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