David Seaman Unsubs Alex Jones After Pizzagate Cuckout

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 27, 2017

I personally unsubbed to Alex Jones a long time ago, because like TYT (another channel that, though I disagree with, I have professional interest in), he just posts too many videos and it clogs up my subs page.

As far as Seaman’s take on why Jones is cucking out on Pizzagate – his take is the obvious take – that he is doing this out of fear of getting sued.

I don’t really believe that. This guy talks so much shit about so many people, and has done so for so many years, he knows how to say what he wants to say without getting sued.

Alefantis is a public person. There is little risk of a defamation suit at all, and if there was one, it would be easily defeated.

Seaman explains that in this video.

Instead, it looks to me as though he was making a big issue out of pretending like he was doing it because he was afraid of getting sued, to otherwise cover-up for another reason he’s afraid to talk about it, which I believe is because of pressure that is not necessarily legal in nature.

I mean, that’s just my take.

I’m not worried about being sued, and I don’t have the team of Jew lawyers that Jones has. Nor have I been contacted with any legal threats. I have never, of course, outright said “so and so FOR SURE did so and so,” but neither has Jones, I would assume. And even if we had, it wouldn’t really matter at this point, given that so many people on the internet are talking about it.

The AJ cuckout is definitely weird.