David Petraeus Says the Afghanistan Debacle is a Disaster for US Empire

General Petraeus has taken a break from pounding pussy to pump the brakes on the US war surrender.

Tonight, we drink the tears of our enemies.

New York Post:

Former CIA director David Petraeus in a new interview called the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan “disastrous” and “catastrophic” for the world.

The retired US Army general and former commander of military forces in Afghanistan cautioned that “there are no good outcomes here,” he said on “The Rita Cosby Show” on WABC radio on Friday.

This is an enormous national security setback and it is on the verge of getting much worse unless we decide to take really significant action,” Petraeus, 68, said.

Like you mean – reinvade the country?

Go ahead.

Seriously, do that.

If we communicate effectively with the Taliban that they need to halt what they are doing or we will bring the might of the US military down upon them, we can stop this,” he said.

“The outcome, whether it is the Taliban taking over the country or it’s the kind of civil war that we saw in the wake of the collapse of the post-Soviet government, there are no good outcomes here,” Petraeus added. “In fact, there is nothing more than horrible outcomes unless we are willing to acknowledge that this is not going as more optimistic projections laid out and take stock.”

The optimistic projections, we now know, were delusional and insane.

None of us have access to CIA data, but whatever data they have that led them to believe it would take three months for the Taliban to take Kabul was either terrible, or they were lying on purpose.

I was sitting here, less than 48 hours ago, saying “well, it looks to me like the Taliban can just roll straight into Kabul, I’m not sure what’s stopping them – but I’m sure these military strategists have some reason for saying that won’t happen.”

Of course, I was right, just sitting here reading the normal news, and the ZOG data machine was absurdly wrong.

Anyway, what Petraeus is saying is to declare war on the country, and start back from stage 1 – start over where we were in 2002, and reinvade the country. Of course, now the Taliban has tens or hundreds of billions of dollars of American equipment, so the invasion would be slightly more difficult. That is probably the craziest thing I’ve heard since I was reading articles about the coronavirus lockdown in Australia a few hours ago.

I don’t think there is any chance of a new invasion. That is just wacky.

But we do have to ask why ZOG went along with this ultra-humiliating surrender. I think that is the most important question right now. Clearly, Afghanistan was wasting a bunch of resources. So what do they now plan to do with those resources that they’ve freed up via this surrender?

That is the question.