David Icke Banned from Twitter (Nothing to Do with the US Election, Goy)

You may be thinking: “Wow, banning David Icke on the same day as they steal an election from Donald Trump? Seems really convenient!”

Of course, it is amazingly convenient. However, it is just a totally convenient coincidence – because David Icke was banned for denying that the coronavirus is the most deadly virus ever before in all of human existence – ever.

BBC News:

Twitter has banned the account of British conspiracy theorist David Icke.

“The account referenced has been permanently suspended for violating Twitter’s rules regarding Covid misinformation,” a spokesman told the BBC.

The action comes six months after Facebook and YouTube took similar action, saying Mr Icke had posted misleading claims about the pandemic.

The 68-year-old had about 382,000 followers on Twitter.

His recent posts had included attacks on Prime Minister Boris Johnson, US infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci and the philanthropist Bill Gates.

In a blog, Mr Icke said was banned for a tweet he had made about plans to pilot city-wide coronavirus testing in Liverpool.

But over recent months he has made false claims such as suggesting that 5G mobile phone networks were linked to the spread of the virus, and that a Jewish group had also been involved.

Covid rules

Mr Icke has promoted fringe theories since the 1990s, but his recent return to prominence was propelled by the spread of Covid-19.

In April, an interview in which he discussed the pandemic was broadcast on local TV station London Live.

It led the regulator Ofcom to rule the channel’s owner had broken broadcasting rules because the segment had failed to sufficiently challenge his “unsubstantiated views”.

Twitter’s rules do not include a general ban on misinformation.

But in July, it would not allow any tweets about Covid-19 that were “claims of fact, demonstrably false or misleading, and likely to cause harm”. It added that accounts that repeatedly broke this rule would be permanently removed.

Some campaigners believe action against Mr Icke was long overdue.

“Twitter had allowed him to continue spreading… dangerous Covid misinformation for months,” tweeted the Center for Countering Digital Hate, a UK-based campaign group, in response to the ban.

The US social network had earlier blocked another prominent British conspiracy theorist, Kate Shemirani.
Her account was taken offline on Thursday, with Twitter providing the same brief explanation for its removal.

This BBC analysis of the evil denialist David Icke, who doesn’t believe the media and thus is a threat to society, was brought to you by:

Marianna Spring is also known as “The Joker.”

However, despite the smile, she doesn’t get her name from the Batman villain – oh no.

She gets her name from the song by the Steve Miller Band.

She’s also a toker and a midnight smoker, you see.

Yes, indeed.

It’s very, very brave for the media to have the courage to hunt down the people who disagree with them – who also happen to be their direct competitors – and have their rights stripped from them.

If the media didn’t do this, then people could see different information, and then they could believe something different than the media. The media has every view exactly correct, so it is very, very bad for anyone to disagree. Therefore, the media is doing a great service by protecting you from your own thoughts.

And that’s no joke!

Many people now are going to need to be protected from thoughts about election fraud. So many, many more people will need to be banned. I hope the media is able to track down everyone that disagrees with them, in order to protect the populations of the Western world from their own minds.

In a world where people think different things from each other, the biggest threat facing the people is their own thoughts. We have to rein that in, and we have to do it quickly.

No one needs to be thinking about whether or not the coronavirus is really killing billions or whether or not it is normal to stop counting the votes in the middle of an election – what they need to be thinking about is how great it would feel to ejaculate into another man’s anus. They need to be thinking about whether or not they would like to inject themselves with estrogen and cut their penises off. They need to be thinking about how global warming and the gender pay gap are actually real things somehow. They need to be thinking of new ways to fight against the capitalist patriarchy.

The media’s job is to go into your brain and stop the bad thoughts and promote the good thoughts. They do this because they love you.

There are no reptilians here, folks.

Just a bunch of women and Jews with your best interests at heart.