David Hogg’s Tinder Profile Revealed

Remember David Hogg? The crisis actor from that shooting hoax survivor of that terrible tragedy in Florida a few years ago?

Someone found his profile on the dating app “Tinder,” where he is alleged to be “stabbing mad guts like a boss.”

The first striking thing about this profile is that it’s on Tinder and not Grindr.

The second thing is that apparently, Tinder has verified accounts, which is something I was not at all aware of. I thought that if you’re a celebrity, you just hit up bitches on DM on Instagram, and they come party with you.

But the “ethically non-monogamous” thing wasn’t particularly striking.

What might be striking to the reader, which is not striking to me, is that this little weird ant person can have sex with any woman he wants, because he’s famous. It doesn’t matter how much of a pussy you are, if you’re famous, you get pussy. I think a lot of people still think that women have some kind of objective standards. Well, actually, they do have an objective standard, but there’s only one: it’s social status.

I don’t even think women are attracted to handsome men because they’re handsome, in the way that you’re attracted to a physically attractive woman. I think that handsomeness is a signifier of social status, which is the actual thing that makes the man attractive to the woman.

What I will guarantee you is that this little faggot is getting deluged with swipes and girls texting him “where are you can I see you now?”

That is how vile women truly are, and why I have consistently called for a total removal of women’s rights, and for forced child marriage.