The National Review’s David French Nails It in Response to Tucker’s Historic Manifesto Monologue

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 7, 2018

If you haven’t seen the now-infamous Tucker Manifesto Monologue, watch it now.

There has been a lot of response to this, because it was so incredibly moving. The Jews struggled to respond, doing things like claiming that people actually want teenagers to be high on marijuana all the time.

The best take was from David French of the National Review (never thought I’d write that sentence, ever in my life):

Carlson is advancing a form of victim-politics populism that takes a series of tectonic cultural changes—civil rights, women’s rights, a technological revolution as significant as the industrial revolution, the mass-scale loss of religious faith, the sexual revolution, etc.—and turns the negative or challenging aspects of those changes into an angry tale of what they are doing to you.

The essay is otherwise just as horrible as you would imagine it would be, but that one sentence is pure gold.

The basic argument of David French (and really everyone else who isn’t Tucker Carlson or a literal Nazi) is that all of these things are just happening at random and that there is no one to blame for them.

And in many ways, this is the defining question of our time: is all of this just a result of social labor pains as we give birth to a glorious new global technological order or is someone doing it on purpose?

Because if it is happening at random, then there isn’t really anything to be done. You just have to find a way to cope, push through life with as little pain as possible, hope that your children – or, more specifically, someone else’s children – will someday experience a glorious post-racial global technological utopia.

If, on the other hand, someone is doing all of this on purpose, then the logical course of action is to call them out and force them to stop by whatever means necessary.

If you actually are a victim, then your politics absolutely should be “victim-politics.” More accurately, they should be “retribution-politics.”

As the reader is most likely aware, there is definitely a someone, and that someone is most easily defined as “the Jews.”

Obviously, there would have been challenges surrounding the way technology is changing society, but we could have dealt with them in a reasonable way if we were not being hindered by Jews.

Regarding the other issues French lists – these are problems entirely created by the Jews.

Civil Rights

The entire concept of “civil rights” was created by Jews. You can just read the Wikipedia page on the civil rights movement, and find that it is all Jews responsible.

The NAACP was founded mainly by Jews, not black people. The Jews brag about this.

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speeches were written by a communist Jew. He was surrounded by Jews. The Jews brag about this.

The Jews brag about how 90% of civil rights lawyers in Mississippi were Jewish.

Here’s another instance of the Jews bragging about how they ran the entire movement.

The ACLU is a Jewish ethnic activist group, as is virtually every other civil right group.

It’s not an issue for debate.

Women’s Rights

The women’s rights movement was even more absurdly Jewish than the general civil rights movement, as they didn’t need black figureheads.

Virtually every single feminist leader in America from the 1950s until the present has been Jewish.

Betty Friedan was who really kicked it off, then followed Gloria Steinem.

No one would have thought of women’s liberation if it were not for the Jews. The issue never even would have come up.

Loss of Religious Faith

The death of Christianity has been due both to Jews attacking it through their media and lawfare, and due to Jews infiltrating and taking over the Christian movement and hollowing it out, removing any value from it, destroying its appeal.

Virtually the entire atheist movement (with the notable exception of Richard Dawkins) is Jewish.

The entire concept of a dichotomy between “science and faith” was created by Jews.

The Jew Sigmund Freud pathologized Christianity, and the Jewish Frankfurt School created an entire system designed to destroy Christian society through wide-scale social-engineering.

Furthermore, the promotion of sexual liberation and other degenerate “lifestyle choice” by the Jews has led to a decline of religiosity.

The Jews specifically hate Christianity and in their own holy book have a story about Jesus Christ being in hell boiling in a vat of feces.

The Sexual Revolution

As mentioned, the feminist angle of the sexual revolution was entirely Jewish. Jews are the main figures running the abortion industry and the legal arm of the abortion movement.

Jews are the main creators of pornography. The Jewish Quarterly had an article outlining the details of the Jewish role in the creation of pornography up on their website since 2004, but removed it just a few months ago because too many “anti-Semites” were linking to it. Here is an archived copy (which you should spread around).

When the Jewish pornographer Al Goldstein was asked why there are so many Jews in pornography, he said: “The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism.”

The homosexual rights movement was dominated by Jews, and every pedophilia activism group has been run by Jews. Allen Ginsberg, the Jewish poet, was a founding member of the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA).

And of course, the main driver of the sexual revolution, Hollywood entertainment media, is totally and completely controlled by Jews. Yet another thing they openly brag about.


One can only conclude that if it were not for the Jews, these negative things would not be happening, because it is a demonstrable fact that the Jews pushed for them to happen against the tide of culture and the general will of the people.

Tucker doesn’t say “Jews,” but he knows it is the Jews. No one with any desire to know the truth of what is happening in the world doesn’t know about the Jews. The only people who do not know about the Jews are either dumb, uninterested or willfully lying to themselves on purpose.

Tucker talks about “elite” and so on. Euphemisms. Because of course he can’t come right out and say “it’s the Jews” and remain at his level of influence.

As I said with the PewDiePie thing – me saying this isn’t going to hurt Tucker. What it actually does when the Jews come out and say “Nazis like Tucker” is make people wonder why that is. Because people like Tucker, and can see his fundamentally good and honest nature, defaming him with goofy nonsense like “he’s evil because evil people like him” is not going to work. It leads instead to people looking into the issue and finding out that yes, when he talks about “the elite,” he is talking about “the Jews.”

Because that is a point of fact. 

The information is there and the debate is over, which is why there is no public debate and anyone who brings up the issue is simply silenced. You cannot actually make an argument that Jews are not responsible for the destruction of society – the only thing you could attempt to say is that all of these Jews were just individual humans and it is a coincidence that they’re all Jewish – but that already very fragile “pure coincidence” argument falls apart when you look at the way Jews brag about how all of these agendas are an expression of Judaism and Jewish values.

In the long run, we cannot solve the problem by using euphemisms.

I support Tucker using euphemisms now, obviously.

But at some point, we are going to have to name the enemy of the people – and society as a whole is going to have to deal with them.

We don’t have any choice.