David Duke Will be in Televised Senate Debate

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 21, 2016


David Duke is defying all expectations with his small yet determined Louisiana Senate campaign. It goes without saying that getting Duke into the den of venomous snakes in Congress would be a huge victory for the good guys, and on November 2nd he’ll be taking a giant leap forward towards this goal.

In order to qualify for the locally televised debate, a threshold of 5% in polls was established by Raycom Media as a way to qualify. Duke, in a crowded field chock full of both Democrats and Republicans, managed to get his foot in the door at 5.1%. Duke is currently sixth out of about 25 candidates, many of them spending hundreds of thousands of dollars – even millions – provided by GOP and Democrat Super PACs.

The top contender, John Kennedy, is polling at 24%. Reaching him is certainly possible if Duke’s massive financial disadvantage can be neutralized with a good debate performance and a strong ground strategy.

Looking at the poll used to gauge these results, there are a number of interesting caveats to take away that may suggest Duke’s numbers are being grossly underestimated.

First of all, the only name in American popular culture that is considered to be more evil and more of a black mark than Adolf Hitler is…David Duke (might sound like I’m exaggerating if you live in Europe, but I’m not kidding). The Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc survey was done over the telephone – and just like most people won’t tell a stranger calling them unsolicited that they support Adolf Hitler (including many people here on the Daily Stormer), most Louisianans are terrified to say they will vote for the second most evil man in history David Duke. The news here is that a remarkable 5.1% still don’t care.

david duke alex jones

A second interesting statistic in the poll is that both Democrats (6%) and Independents (7%) said they back Duke at much higher rates than Republicans (2%). Top contender Kennedy only has 7% support among Democrats, to compare. This isn’t because Democrats Are The Real Racists , but rather because there was likely some sort of memo, social pressure or intimidation aimed at registered Republicans signaling them to disavow Duke in public. Safe to say this isn’t going to carry over to the primary on November 8th, where people can vote privately for who they really want.

Furthermore, Democrats were radically oversampled over Republicans (47% vs 32% vs Independents at 21%). While there are more registered Democrats than Republicans in Louisiana, the poll weighs these incorrectly as this Democrat numbers are driven by blacks who are lazy or violent criminals and thus have a low turnout (Romney beat Obama 57% to 40% in 2012, just imagine this year’s black turnout on November 8th with no black running for office). The failure to weigh this in conjunction with the taboo of supporting David Duke means his 5.1% rate is definitely a gross understatement.

Jews themselves know this, which is why they’re admitting that he has a chance in their publications.



Anyway, Duke’s Senate bid is running on a shoe string budget and against all the odds, yet still getting results. We won’t ever have the millions in our coffers like the establishment or wannabe-establishment hacks running against him do, but Duke’s still got it and he’s working his tail off. Send him some money or volunteer, and if you live in the state, VOTE.

If everyone throws in a kernel, this can be huge.