The David Duke Show: Are Police More Likely to Shoot Blacks than Whites?

David Duke
November 29, 2014


Are police more likely to shoot Blacks than Whites? Dr. David Duke reveals the shocking facts that Whites are actually many times more likely to be shot than are Blacks! He also shows a chart of the NYPD Firearms Discharge Report, that shows that White criminal suspects are far more likely to be fired upon by police than Black suspects!

This is an amazing report that shows how the Zio Media completely reverses the facts in an attempt to brainwash masses of Americans into anti-European racist myths. He also is joined by attorney Don Advo and Prof. Patrick Slattery who discuss this big lie and who also talk about Dr. Duke’s publishing, with his preface, of the great Jack London book, The Mutiny of the Elsinore, and its importance in waking people up the Jewish takeover of Western nations and the racial realities of Jewish divide and conquer tactics!