David Duke and Richard Spencer are Purposefully Not Being Banned From Twitter

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 7, 2019

The National Review-trained anti-First Amendment shill and juicy little strumpet Tiana Lowe has retweeted the Israeli Defense Force Jew Hen Mazzig attacking David Duke on Twitter.

Here is Mazzig’s description of himself and his agenda:

I have no idea why Tiana – who is ostensibly a cuckservative – follows this Jew. But there is no need to speculate on that, because it doesn’t matter.

What I wanted to do here is bring up, using Tiana Lowe as a vehicle, yet another part of the current conspiracy operation to cleanse the internet of anyone the Jews dislike and to thereby form a new kosher conservative false opposition: select “bad thinkers” who will be left online.

Right now, both David Duke and Richard Spencer are still on Twitter, even while much less racist figures such as Alex Jones are banned.

There are two primary reasons for this:

  1. They want to give the impression they aren’t banning absolutely everyone
  2. They want to be able to trot these individuals out for scare quotes

David Duke is the evil KKK man and Richard Spencer is the evil Alt-Right man. The average person knows these two figures better than anyone else in pro-white circles because the media covered them the most, and always portrayed them as pure evil.

They have achieved supervillain status beyond even what I have.

Both of their accounts are already shadow banned, and no one can see anything they tweet unless they go directly to their feeds. They are also both consciously self-censoring on Twitter to avoid a ban. Furthermore, everyone who would follow them is already banned anyway, so the threat of them having much of an impact is very low.

When people see that they are not banning such well-known figures, the immediate assumption – naturally enough – is that they probably aren’t banning lesser-known figures with similar ideas, and that anyone who was banned must have been promoting violence as they keep claiming (Facebook and the media recently implied that Alex Jones was some kind of terrorist leader when he was banned for the third time from that platform).

Furthermore, it is very important that the media and the Jews generally keep the looming threat of rising White Nationalism in the front of people’s minds. That is what Tiana Lowe is doing by retweeting this Jew quoting David Duke.

David Duke is constantly in the media. They roll out quotes from him whenever they want to attack a person or an agenda.

Because anything that the evil KKK man supports must be evil, and anything the evil KKK man is against must be good.

And they always get the quotes from Twitter.

Here he is used to attack Tulsi Gabbard:

The Nation:

On Twitter, the former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard embraced Gabbard as a “candidate who will actually put America First rather than Israel First.” Gabbard immediately condemned his apparent support in a statement that drew attention to her prior disavowals of him. “I have strongly denounced David Duke’s hateful views and his so-called ‘support’ multiple times in the past, and reject his support,” she said.

Here he is used to attack Ilhan Omar (and support Donald Trump):

Israeli National News:

In a tweet Friday, Duke again lauded Omar, touting the “bravery of a 100lb Muslim woman”.

“I made this provocative statement cause the worst enemy of the USA, Europeans and the Middle East & the whole world & true peace are the Zionist tyrants who rule media and politics. Sadly, This 100lb girl has more guts than any white member of congress!”

The former KKK leader also attacked President Trump on Twitter Friday morning, suggesting his loyalties lie with Israel, rather than the US, uploading a picture of the president holding an Israeli flag, ignoring a group of Democratic lawmakers trampling the US flag.

I haven’t seen them doing this with Richard Spencer very often as of late (they just make TV shows encouraging people to attack him personally), but they want to keep that option open.

None of this is to suggest that either David or Richard is doing anything wrong, or that they should stop doing what they’re doing on Twitter because it is a trap. I think it is a trap, but there is nothing they can do about that. It is no fault of their own that they are being used in this way. In fact, part of it is probably to make them look like they’re some kind of fed operatives in order to cause further confusion.

I don’t want people to get confused. Probably, in your conversations about media censorship, people will bring up that either David or Richard is still allowed on Twitter, and you need to know how to respond to that argument.

This is very obviously being done on purpose, and far from being a hole in the censorship, it is designed to shore up the censorship regime of the tech industry.

Eventually, when there is nothing left to attack, these two will be banned.