David Duke and Andrew Anglin: Saddle Up and Ride

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2016


I was on with David Duke this morning.

We were both revved-up, bursting with energy in these final hours before the most important referendum our race has ever faced.

This is literally do or die. If we don’t win tomorrow, we’re still going to win – but not until a lot of people die.

NATO troops are now mobilizing for war with Russia.

Meanwhile, the media is admitting that voting machines will be hacked.

We have to overwhelm the polls tomorrow. You must get everyone you know to vote. Call them right now. Don’t wait. Go through your phonebook on your cellphone and call up every single person you know who is not a totally kiked-out liberal commie, and make sure they are going to vote. Offer to give them a ride if they need it.

Let’s do this, people.


Links to other topics we discussed today:

Duke’s final advertisements remind us of the importance of Louisiana. All Duke needs is 3 out of 10 votes to be in the run-off. If he is, there will be talk of white genocide and the Jewish question in the media for weeks on end.

Everyone in Louisiana get out and vote, not just for Donald J. Trump, but for David Duke.

Hail Victory.