Dave Rubin is Full of Shit – No, Rumble and Locals are Not “100% Protected” from Censorship

Dave Rubin, who is both gay and Jewish, was on Tucker Carlson on Tuesday shilling the fact that Rumble is partnering with Locals. Rumble is a video hosting site. I don’t know what Locals is. And I don’t really know what their partnership entails. I don’t really care.

What I do care about is this: he is just outright lying about the site being protected from censorship.

He said: “we’re gonna make sure people don’t just have their websites blown up like Parler.”

He went on to say that as long as your speech doesn’t break the law, you’ll be welcome on the site. He even said that if the speech does break the law, they will let the authorities deal with it.

Tucker asked: “Parler just got pulled right off the internet by Amazon Web Services – you believe this new venture will be invulnerable to that?”

Rubin replied: “Yes, 100% Tucker, that is not an exaggeration.”

Well, it actually is more than an exaggeration – it’s just an outright lie.

Here is the Whois registration for Rumble.com:

And here’s the Whois registration for Locals.com:

You’ll notice that both of these sites are using something called “AWS.”

Can you guess what that stands for?

Three guesses.

You get three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

Furthermore, Rumble’s domain is registered with Tucows, and Locals’ is registered with GoDaddy. Both of those services banned me in 2017. They’ve since banned people much less assertive than me.

But hey – it probably doesn’t even matter, because look at this from an article in the Washington Examiner about this new venture:

Although Rumble and Locals have content moderation policies banning the incitement of violence, illegal content, racism, antisemitism, terrorist groups, and copyright violations, they pledge not to policy online conversations on politically controversial subjects, such as vaccine efficacy, the origins of COVID-19, and transgender identities.

Notice how they smoosh “racism, antisemitism” between “violence, illegal content” (both presumably against the law) and “terrorist groups, and copyright violations” (also both presumably against the law).

Racism and anti-Semitism, however, are not against the law. That is just the same “hate speech” label using different words. As we’ve explained six million times on this site, anything can be racism or anti-Semitism.

Also, apparently all content is paywalled.

Locals said that issues such as misinformation, hate speech, and other hurtful and divisive content that have plagued Facebook and YouTube have not and will not be a problem on its platform because of its paywall.

“Locals is subscription-based, so in order to interact with content on the site, there is minimum $3/month paywall, and that cleans up 99.9% of any bad behavior,” Dave Rubin, the founder of Locals and a prominent conservative commentator, told the Washington Examiner.

So it doesn’t really solve any issue anyway.

This is just a complete hoax.

It’s not protected from Amazon, it’s hosted on Amazon. It’s also not free speech. And you have to pay for it anyway, so it doesn’t solve the basic problem plaguing the internet – which was designed to be FREE and OPEN.

It’s all just so exhausting.

This false information from the Jewish homosexual Dave Rubin was apparently announced on Tucker Carlson. So maybe they didn’t know what it was about, or what he was going to say.

I was just praising Tucker’s writing staff, but they should really investigate these things. It would probably be very rude to apologize for allowing Dave Rubin to come on the show and just lie. But maybe simply saying “we did find out that both Rumble and Locals are using AWS, so we hope they get that sorted out.”

All of these fake free speech platforms are just designed to suck money and energy out of people – money and energy that could be used to create a real alternative. You would need a whole lot of money to do that, but when you look at the money these people have taken in, you’ll realize that this is enough money to make a real free speech platform.

I will say, however – Odysee is doing okay. I had my doubts because it’s mostly run by Jews, but hey – they’re delivering. The proof is in the matzo balls.