Dating Advice: The Key to Good Relationships is Cheating on Your Boyfriends

Daily Stormer
May 4, 2017

High-quality men all have a strict “skank-only” policy.

Not so long ago, women didn’t feel like they needed dating advice. After all, they just had to stand around somewhere until a man came to them and took care of everything for them.

All they had to worry about was serving him beer and cooking his food right so he didn’t dump their ungrateful asses.

Here are all the relationship skills needed. He’ll tell you what else to do, don’t worry.

But in the era of NUMALE faggots and Jew feminism, women are confused. They think it’s somehow their job to understand relationships. This is already a completely insane concept.

But it gets worse.

These days, they’re getting their relationship advice from insane Paki sluts.

The Express:

Women should date with multiple men in the same time period if they wish to settle down, a leading relationship coach has advised. The dating expert advises women on how to settle down.

Sleeping around like a whore is the opposite of “settling down.”

That’s like saying, “if you want to build friendships with people, you actually have to go around antagonizing them and starting fights.”

Monogamy is the model that many follow in the bid to settle down and get married.

“Monogamy is the model many follow in order to achieve monogamy.”

However, women who remain faithful while dating are doing it all wrong – according to one expert.

And what an expert:

Yeah, women are expected to listen to this fat Paki skag.

“If you’re a single woman who’s serious about finding The One, the best way to do it is to make sure you’re dating several men at once,” claimed Sami Wunder, author of Your Feminine Roadmap To His Commitment.

According to Sami, no woman should be exclusive with any man until he has proposed and there is a ring on her finger.

I guarantee that no real man would “put a ring” on the finger of some hoe who cheated on him with a bunch of other guys. A “man” so pussy-whipped would more appropriately be called a “humanoid slug.”

So what kind of man did our friend Sami land herself?

Lol, he’s hiding his face. Embarrassed to be caught dating a woman who promotes cheating on boyfriends? Or just embarrassed that she’s a fat Paki with arms the size of a healthy woman’s legs?

“Trust me, this method works,” the expert claims.

Where have I heard this before?

In my entire life, every time someone told me to “trust them,” it was immediately before trying to scam me out of and/or into something.

What this shows is the urgent need women have for stable, healthy relationships. And that is something that can only be provided by WHITE SHARIA – not fat Paki whore dating advice.

Sami’s Twitter and Facebook both appear inactive, but she’s posting on YouTube. Here’s here personal website.