“Data Doesn’t Lie!” – ADL Caught Using Hoax Data in Its “Hate Map”

Diversity Macht Frei
August 14, 2018

Their definition of “hate” is remarkably broad. Even demonstrating in favour of a campaign pledge (“Build the Wall”) of the elected president is listed as “hate”.

Watch Greenblatt in this clip.

“The ADL has been tracking this for over 100 years. And data doesn’t lie!”

Except when it does. As in this case.

The ADL’s data is fatally tainted by the inclusion of the many hoax threats attributed to the Israeli teen Michael Kadar, the one who is supposedly a retard but also somehow a great genius.

Here is the indictment against Kadar issued by the state of Florida (link). It enumerates the various threats he allegedly made against specific institutions on specific days. You can see that the exact incident included in the ADL data forms part of the indictment against Kadar.

And this is just one of many examples. You can download the US indictments against Kadar here and compare the counts to the ADL heat map data. There are innumerable convergences.

So here we have Jews hoaxing threats against Jews and then other Jews using these hoax threats to extort more money and privileges from the Goyim. Then, even after the hoax has been exposed, the Jews go on using it for more extortion on the assumption that the Goyim won’t be paying enough to attention to realise it’s a fraud. And this assumption is, on the whole, valid. Have any mainstream journalists reported on the ADL’s use of hoax data? No. Would they report it even if they knew? Who knows?

Fortunately, we are no longer dependent on Establishment journalism for our information. The Alt Right has its own media. And, for that reason:

The Goyim Know