Dastardly Chink Judge Undermines Trump Moslem Ban

Daily Stormer
July 16, 2017

Wow, since when are dog-boiling chinks allowed to decide on national security issues?

How is this not treasonous interference with the national security of America?

The Supreme Court already ruled on this, Chin Chongman.

And you lost.

Are we really going to have to go through all this nonsense again?

Washington Post:

Grandparents and other extended relatives are exempt from President Trump’s travel ban, a federal judge in Hawaii declared late Thursday, again stopping the administration from implementing the president’s controversial executive order in the way that it wants.

Are their goats exempt, too, while we’re at it?

Goats are like family to Moslems.

U.S. District Judge Derrick K. Watson wrote that the government’s “narrowly defined list” of who might be exempt was not supported by either the Supreme Court decision partially unfreezing the ban or by the law.

Which law?

Certainly not the constitution, that’s for sure – as it only applies to US citizens, not aliens on foreign soil.

Do US laws apply to space aliens as well?

“Common sense, for instance, dictates that close family members be defined to include grandparents,” Watson wrote. “Indeed, grandparents are the epitome of close family members. The Government’s definition excludes them. That simply cannot be.”

Watson wrote that refugees with an assurance from a resettlement agency could also be exempt from the ban.

This is the kicker right there.

Obviously, if rapefugees could be exempt from the ban simply for being in a relationship with some private Jew organization trying to flood America with brown people, then that’s a massive loophole.

In fact, it’s more than a loophole; it completely blows the whole travel ban apart. There would be nothing preventing every last ISIS jihadist from getting a slip from their Jew masters in order to infiltrate America.

This must be reversed.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement Friday that the Justice Department would “reluctantly return directly to the Supreme Court to again vindicate the rule of law and the executive branch’s duty to protect the nation.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not amused by your impudence, chink.

“Once again, we are faced with a situation in which a single federal district court has undertaken by a nationwide injunction to micromanage decisions of the coequal executive branch related to our national security,” Sessions said. “By this decision, the district court has improperly substituted its policy preferences for the national security judgments of the executive branch in a time of grave threats, defying both the lawful prerogatives of the executive branch and the directive of the Supreme Court.”

As of Friday afternoon, the Justice Department had filed a “notice of appeal” — which lawyers view as a procedural step as they ultimately move the matter to the Supreme Court.

Appealing this isn’t enough.

There’s no end to this kind of ridiculous interference.

Those responsible must be punished, so as to stop this from happening non-stop. Otherwise, everything the Trump administration tries to do will be cockblocked by random scumbags in the federal court circuit.

Soon, Trump’s power will be better established, and he will be able to move more decisively against his enemies.

You better hope the next executive order doesn’t ban chink judges from travelling outside of a federal prison.