Das Rayciss! Swedesota Cops Fired for Decorating Christmas Tree With… Insensitive Items

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 2, 2018

Why would you ever try to have fun in the Current Year?

At this point, haven’t people learned that having fun almost always leads to you getting fired for racism? Only NEETs are allowed to have fun anymore, which explain why it has become a growing career choice for many young men.

These boys in blue learned their lesson the hard way.

Daily Mail:

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said Friday that a police officer who decorated a precinct Christmas tree with items such as a cigarette pack and police tape will be fired.

A photo circulating on Twitter showed the tree decorated with a collection of items exemplifying offensive racial stereotypes including a pack of Newport cigarettes, a can of Steel Reserve malt liquor, police tape, a bag of Takis and a paper cup from Popeye’s Louisiana Chicken.

Frey called the tree a ‘racist display’ and said the unidentified officer’s termination is necessary. 

The Funyuns made me chortle, I must admit. Say what you will about these police officers, at least they’ve got a sense of humor. And really, why did the mayor automatically assume that this was a racist display aimed at blacks??? There is no racist caption to the picture as far as I can see… so it begs the question: does the mayor know what he is implying with his accusation? Are we supposed to believe that blacks are particularly fond of Popeyes, Funyuns and Newports?

Yikes. That’s pretty problematic.

I wonder how the Mayor Jacob Frey is going to wriggle out of this lawgic trap?

Oh. He’s a Jew, you say?

I guess he’ll be just fine.

Btw, why is a Jew from the Langley-feeder neighborhood known as Oakton, Virginia serving as the mayor of a flyover state populated entirely by Scandicucks and Somalians?


Methinks he’s there to negotiate the peaceful handover of power from the Scandicucks to the Somali Sharia Squads, no?

‘Every year an officer is assigned to decorate the tree,’ wrote Cunningham. ‘As a prank, another officer hung some inappropriate ornaments after it was decorated. Inspector Biard immediately took action the day the tree went up.’

Since taking office this year, Mayor Frey has identified repairing community-police relations in the aftermath of several controversial officer-involved shootings as one of his top priorities.

See? It should read: “handing over police and political power to the Somalis.”

Also Friday, the Minneapolis City Council voted to reduce the mayor’s proposed police budget for 2019 by more than $1 million. 

Lol. Punishment time.

Let’s take a look at the council btw.


If only you knew how bad things really were


Stick a fork in it and call it done.

Minneapolis is fucked.