Dark Winter: Mama Merkel Demands the Peasants Take the Deadly Vax – Doom Awaits

It makes me sick that people said to me: “oh no, Anglin – you’re wrong. The coronavirus is over. The government just wants people to work and consume, and now they can do that again.”

People are so stupid, sometimes I feel like they deserve all of this.

Ah, but they don’t. The problem is that the intellectual elite and the aristocracy have abandoned their posts, giving their posts over to Jews, while they go off experiencing material pleasures.

It’s a bit like in the Netflix show The Dark Crystal, where the creature who is supposed to be protecting Thra was given a machine by the Skeksis, which she used to travel the universe with her mind. While she was away from her post, the Skeksis – a group of aliens who were kicked off of their own home world – began sucking the life-force out of the Gelfling.

You can read that story here. The show is basically just a total metaphor for the Jewish takeover of Western civilization.

No wonder it didn’t get a second season.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged unvaccinated people to reconsider their decision in a video message on Saturday, as the country’s seven-day coronavirus incidence rate rose to the highest level since the pandemic began.

Difficult weeks lie ahead of us, and you can see that I am very worried,” Merkel said, speaking in her weekly video podcast. “I urgently ask everyone who has not yet been vaccinated: please reconsider.”

The German army is preparing to mobilise 12,000 soldiers by Christmas to assist overrun healthcare services, Spiegel newspaper reported, and will provide booster vaccinations and tests in care homes and hospitals.

So far, 630 soldiers have been deployed, Spiegel reported. The army was not immediately available for comment.

Germany’s seven-day incidence rate – the number of people per 100,000 to be infected over the last week – rose to 277.4 on Saturday, data from the Robert Koch Institute showed. The record in the third wave of the pandemic last December was 197.6.

The federal government and leaders of Germany’s 16 states are due to meet next week to discuss tightening measures, though the three parties negotiating to form a new government have agreed to let a state of emergency in place since the start of the pandemic expire on Nov. 25 as planned.

Europe has become the epicentre of the pandemic again, prompting some governments to consider re-imposing unpopular lockdowns.

If you thought things were weird for the first two years of the virus hoax – just wait until Season Three begins.

As we reported yesterday, Austria is planning a lockdown for only the unvaxed.

I can’t just keep talking about the fact that the virus is fake, the testing means nothing, and the vaccine doesn’t work. None of that matters anyway, because if you don’t understand those things by now, then I’m sorry but you’re too stupid and/or delusional to be assisted by me saying it again.

What matters now is what comes next.

We are looking at an absolute hell this winter, across the entire Western World.

They themselves are using the term “Dark Winter,” which is the kind of inverse of their 6uild 6ack 6etter agenda.

The one thing I hope more than anything is that you all, or at least most of you, took my advice and left the city. If not, you’re going to live to regret it, and you may well die to regret it. These cities are going to become sadistic prisons.

Republicans are so retarded, they are dancing around saying that Donald Trump is going to break through the voter fraud and somehow win in 2020. They’re saying that because Glenn Youngkin – a WEF shill and former CEO of the Carlyle Group – won the governorship of Virginia.

However, the Virginia win is going to serve to activate and embolden the Democrats. It is proof that in a free election, the Democrats would lose massively in 2022. Everyone knows that. I think the polls are not telling the whole story, but the story they are telling is that Biden is much more hated than Trump.

These people are going to all feel like they have to do what they have to do to crush whites, and the coronavirus lockdowns are going to be the biggest part of that.