Dankula Weighs in on Being Convicted for His Dog’s Politics

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
March 24, 2018

This is the first video Dankula has posted on his channel after the guilty verdict.

Dankula isn’t even /ourguy/, he is just an edgy shitposter with a neo-Nazi pet. The Jews are just using him to make an example to anyone that might actually try to speak against their influence in the UK and the world overall.

If it’s possible when he goes into prison, consider sending him a letter. Don’t put anything 14/88 in it for his and your own good, but be polite, talk about free speech and how corrupt the government of Cuck Island is.

Letters are a big thing to guys on the inside. If he still gets some support while surrounded by criminal Moslems who will probably try and melt his face off with boiling water and sugar it’ll help him not go nuts.

He’s going to come out of this ordeal an actual Nazi.