Dankula to the Courts: “Piss Off M8 I’m Not Payin’ Yer Bloody Fine”

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 25, 2018

Count Dankula is refusing to pay the 800 pound fine the courts demanded for his posting a video of his dog’s views on the canine master race. He intends to appeal the fine in an attempt to set a precedent to stop Airstrip One’s suppression of free speech. To do this he intends to hire the best legal team he possibly can and needs shekels. He set up a GoFundMe which has raised almost 89,000 pounds (a little over 124,000 USD) at time of writing, only about 22 hours after the page was launched.

If he manages to raise the funds (which he likely will looking at the numbers on the page) and successfully appeals this, it will ideally make grossly offensive speech (however that’s defined) legal in the UK.

Godspeed you magnificent Scottish bastard.