Dank New Nationalist Group: Scottish Dawn

Daily Stormer
May 11, 2017


The armies of light are assembling to protect civilization against the barbarian hordes and purge the corruption eating away at our nations.

The best, bravest, strongest, and all-around most based men of every nation are forming rank and preparing for the battle that will determine the future of life on earth – and in the whole galaxy.

The newest star rises in Scotland, and it’s name is Scottish Dawn.

Scottish Dawn:

Scottish Dawn is a new Identitarian social movement formed from various organisations in 2017 to develop a coherent conception of Scottish identity and secure its place within Scottish Politics.

Our people are intensely proud of being Scottish and so they have been easily misled by false leaders who have come to represent the worst aspects of the globalist system, the Westminster liberal elite, and crony capitalism under a guise of supposed nationalism. Their vision for Scotland; A ‘free’ independent Scotland that is a one party plutocratic state obeying orders from Brussels. A ‘state’ where our own people are taxed and bled on the altar of the so-called ‘refugee’, where the oil, land and resources are owned exclusively by foreigners. The white working class is ignored, leaderless, voiceless, futureless; hooked on welfare, and left in conditions designed to create internal conflict while those who exploit them are united in our suffering.

Scottish politics in the 21st century will therefore be defined by those who define identity. Do we forsake Scotland; its people, culture, history, language, and borders? No; Social Justice and Blood and Soil, this is our challenge to the system and the death it holds for us.


The aim of our organisation, Scottish Dawn, is to create an opposition movement within Scotland. We will be seeking to work with existing Scottish nationalists on the ground and provide services and professionalism that our cause needs to show our people that a movement for the preservation and freedom of our greatest possession, our own people; is a viable alternative to the SNP, Lab, Con consensus.

These guys are offering a strong showing with a great aesthetic, inspired by both National Action and the Identitarian movement.

Scotland is in urgent need of a real nationalist movement; their current “independence” party is filled with communists who only wish to leave Britain in order to rejoin the EU and allow more third-world primitives to invade the country.

If the corrupt UK elites think they can squash nationalism by banning National Action as a terrorist group, they’ll soon find that they’re going to have to play “whack a mole” with all the new groups rising to resist their evil.

In the end, our heroic warriors of light will vanquish these small-souled bugmen.

Unless the French get in the way.