Danish Commercial Reminds People to Have Sex

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 27, 2014

This is sad.

Here you have a commercial reminding people to have sex, as it is through sex that children are created and the nation is sustained.

The public service announcement, part of a program called “Do it for Denmark” encourages couples to take a holiday as it could make them horny enough to have sex with their partner and create a baby.

The ad in itself, while slightly crude, is not offensive. But the desperate state we are in, wherein people actually need to be reminded to have sex, is so horrible. The PSA literally has to remind people that it is fun to have sex.

This speaks to the hypersexualization of culture in its psychological dimension. Everywhere you look, everything is about sex, and yet, apparently, people are now having less sex than at any point in history. At least within relationships – maybe folks are having as many one-night stands as the television claims they are having, but I would also find this difficult to believe.

It seems that by overwhelming us with sexual stimulation, the Jewish culture has made the very concept of the physical act of intercourse seem gross and unappealing.

I think for a lot of people, the early exposure to sex in school, when the teachers are showing you porno videos and telling you how to use condoms, creates some type of psychological aversion once you reach adulthood. Teenagers are also engaging in promiscuous sex, which damages them emotionally and leaves them associating the act with emptiness at a later stage in life.

Muslims, on the other hand, with their covered women and outlawed pornography, appear to be having more sex than any other group of people. And I mean in their own countries, legally, not the rape they engage in when they enter Europe.

The program also features prizes for people who successfully conceive children.

What a world you have given us, Jews.