Dancing in the Streets: Black Women Celebrate the Removal of the Robert E. Lee Monument in New Orleans

Hunter Wallace
Occidental Dissent
May 20, 2017

The video below is the definition of having a low time horizon.

It feels great now. This is a big slap across the face to White people in Louisiana and the New Orleans Metro Area. New Orleans is tearing down monuments that Whitey cares about it. There is nothing all those suburbanites can do about it except, you know, invest in their own communities.

What are the consequences going to be though? This will ricochet across the South and the result will be that millions will decide to never spend another dime in New Orleans. It will create racial discord in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana by hardening White racial attitudes. We’ve taken a giant step forward toward the day when White people don’t care about the feelings of black people.

By the way, I seriously doubt this is over. Now that it is open season on Confederate monuments in New Orleans, I predict that Whites will retaliate and ratchet up racial tension to the next level. Take ‘Em Down NOLA’s real goal has always been the destruction of the Andrew Jackson statue. By the time this is over, the New Orleans tourism industry will be boiled like a crawfish.

Note: South Africa has also renamed countless places and torn down monuments. The same is true of the Democratic Republic of Congo where their ancestors came from. If you want a window into the future of New Orleans, look at what happened to Léopoldville.