Dan Bongino Gets It: I Feel Like My Own Statements from 2017 are Being Read Back to Me

Dan Bongino is a Trump supporter and a partial owner of Parler. Parler was removed from both the Google and Apple app stores following the disco party at the Capitol on Wednesday, and then Amazon shut down their servers. The site is currently offline.

He went on Fox News this week and said everything – basically, down to the single word – that I said when I was banned in 2017. Watching this guy, I felt like he was literally reading back to me everything I said after being fully banned from the internet following a much less fashionable disco party held in Charlottesville, Virginia.

He said the thing I said: they’re coming for everyone.

Well, Bongino – maybe you should have been out there defending me, huh?

The ONLY person defending me that was in the mainstream was Tucker Carlson. All of the rest of these people accepted the idea that banning me was unique, and that it wouldn’t affect them.

Well, this is a slippery slope that is like putting a Slip ‘n’ Slide on Mount Everest.

In three years time, we went from “just this one guy, he’s pure evil, he made a joke about a dead fat woman and he loves Hitler” to “yeah, we went ahead and banned the President of the United States.”

Bongino says what I’ve said regarding the whole argument about these being private companies – while they’re actually:

  1. Monopolies (which is illegal; antitrust laws just aren’t enforced)
  2. Subsidized by the US government

Deregulation libertarian gibberish is retarded anyway, but even if you believe it, it’s not being followed when these companies are directly in league with the government.

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Furthermore, he says the most important thing of all: it’s not the speech that’s causing the violence! It’s these people that are causing the violence! The same people who are calling for speech to be shut down are causing violence!

These people literally told us that Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence over the summer was “speech,” at the same time they say speech is violence.

This is an undermining of the entire core concept of the United States. Free speech is the First Amendment because it was considered the most important.

They told us “private companies decide, make your own Twitter” and Bongino literally made his own Twitter – and now they’re saying what? Now there is not so much of this “make your own” talk, as they would have to be telling us to lay our own cables and make our own internet from scratch.

So they’ve pivoted into just openly anti-speech arguments as their main arguments. It was “private company” with the “speech is dangerous” as a backup, and now that is reversed. Now they are just saying openly that right-wing people can’t speak at all, because when they do, podiums get stolen.

Bongino also mentioned that they are already coming for Fox News – CNN’s homosexual Iranian Oliver Darcy, who he mentions by name, is calling for cable companies to drop Fox News.

How are they going to get away with silencing 70 million Americans?

Oh gee, I don’t know – probably the same way they got away with everything else!

Strap in!

And remember: save our Tor address.


Download Tor Browser and just start using it now to view the site.

You can also download Brave Browser and open a “New Private Window with Tor.”

We’re still going to be here, whatever happens. We have a pretty good setup on the clearweb, but who knows – it’s likely that a blacklist is going to be put out, calling for internet providers to block certain websites.

So get ready to use that Tor site, buddy.

In the event of total chaos, that Tor site will also probably become a hub, where I’ll have updates on how to find people I like as well, such as Nick Fuentes and Ethan Ralph.

I also want to note that everyone is promoting Telegram. Nick and Ralph and everyone else is on that; they don’t really ban people. But they did ban ISIS, which probably means that they will ban the right wing. (Because in case it hasn’t sunk in yet, let me just tell you: that is what is happening right now. The right-wing is now being put on the level of ISIS, because someone stole a podium.)

Telegraph also hasn’t been threatened with an app store ban yet. In fact, they haven’t really gotten any heat. I don’t expect Telegram to hold really at all, but I should mention that people are promoting that, and all our friends are still on there.

Note that after the DLive bans, Nick is attempting to set his own platform up. However, opening night was supposed to be Monday, and he couldn’t make it happen.

Ralph is for whatever reason still on DLive, but basically everyone else is banned. That platform is pretty much dead. This was really bad decision-making on their part. Their payment processor was threatening them, but what good is a payment processor if you have no one to make any payments?

They should have let the payment processor ditch them and switched to crypto. The company is owned by major crypto investors, and crypto is going to be big, big business with these crackdowns and everyone’s bank accounts being closed.

DLive really, really screwed up.

But everyone is panicking.

The entire internet has been lit on fire.

This is the real shuttening that I’ve been warning about since 2017. They are just switching the whole thing off.