Dallas University Cancels Honorary First Serve for Dead Cop’s Daughter – Immediately Backs Down

Zeiger & Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 12, 2016

Your dad got killed by BLM terrorists? Tough luck lass.

It used to be, that institutions would be forced to back down from doing patriotic or nationalistic things because of pressure from leftists and professional victims.

Now, they’re being forced to back down from cucking by the righteous wrath of the people.

Dallas News:

The daughter of one of the Dallas police officers killed during the July 7 ambush was told she was no longer invited to hit an honorary serve at a volleyball game at Southern Methodist University “in light of recent events and diversity within the SMU community.”

The university has since apologized and re-extended the invitation, but it did not explain why the invite was spiked in the first place.

“Recent events” meant “Trump’s election.”

Of course.

The reminder that BLM murders ruin lives would have “triggered” them and violated their “safe space” – or so the university was obviously told by someone.

Heidi Smith shared the email she received from a university official Thursday night on Facebook. Her husband, 55-year-old Sgt. Michael Smith, was one of five officers killed by a lone gunman during an attack after a July protest. Nine other officers and two civilians were injured in the attack.

“Victoria was scheduled to serve an honorary serve at the SMU volleyball game this Saturday to honor her Dad,” Heidi Smith wrote in the post. “This is the email they sent me today to back out … I had to read it to Victoria after dinner tonight.”

The email said there would no longer be an honorary first serve at Saturday’s game against South Florida due to a communication breakdown and concerns about optics.

“The volleyball program was not correctly informed that this would be taking place at the game,” the email Smith shared reads. It continues saying that “the demonstration could be deemed insensitive.”

Smith redacted the name of the sender, who does not explain what recent events would make the honorary first serve appear inappropriate, though there have been demonstrations across the country against President-elect Donald Trump.

The email also did not explain what the diversity of the university has to do with honoring a slain police officer. Smith and the four other officers killed July 7 were ambushed as a demonstration against the killings of black men by cops was ending.

Frederick Frazier, interim president of the Dallas Police Association, said he was disappointed by the message the email sent to a young girl who has just lost her father.

“It’s these statements and judgments that are what is tearing us apart. We are in a time of healing. This little girl was about to do something that was going to help that process,” Frazier said.

Smith’s post has already been shared on Facebook more than 1,000 times. And a university spokeswoman sent a statement Friday morning saying the volleyball program apologizes for the mix-up.

“This incident does not reflect SMU values,” the statement says. “Due to a change in staffing, there was a breakdown in communication that led to this unfortunate situation.”

“The invitation was intended to help a family heal, and we very much look forward to Victoria’s first serve in the volleyball match Saturday.”

Trump’s ascendance to the throne is such a devasting moral blow to the members of third world sewer cultures “studying” at their university, that the administration fears they’ll riot at the slightest provocation now.

I guess they had momentarily forgotten we’re now living in the AGE OF TRUMP.

And that means we no longer care about the feelings of these monkeys.

Dude, are you cucking? It’s late 2016, bro. Stop living in the past. It’s not the early 2016s anymore.

This is the new reality, boys. When you see any institution cucking or bowing to political correctness, attack them viciously until they mend their ways.

The momentum is on our side.

We had a referendum on political correctness, and “pussy grabbing” has prevailed.

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