Dallas: Trial Begins for “Schizophrenic” Coon Who Hacked White Jogger to Death with Machete

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
April 26, 2019

Thomas Johnson.

Negroes constantly butcher each other with machetes in Africa, so this crime clearly has nothing to do with “mental illness.”

It’s just an African doing what Africans have always done.

Let’s hope the jury doesn’t fall for the “schizophrenia” defense, and that this worthless savage gets put to death for destroying a white family.

Fox 4 News:

Jury selection began Monday for a former Texas A&M football player who is charged with murdering a Dallas jogger.

Thomas Johnson is accused of killing 53-year-old David Stevens with a machete on the White Rock Trail in October of 2015.

Police said he randomly encountered Stevens on the trail and savagely murdered him. Compounding the tragedy, Stevens’ wife of 25-years, Patti, committed suicide two weeks later.

Johnson reportedly called 911 after the attack and confessed. He told police he is schizophrenic and was not taking his medication.

He has been in jail or in a mental health facility since the attack.

David and Patti Stevens.