Dairy Consumption Connected to Breast Cancer (Because Dairy is Filled with Estrogen)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 29, 2020

The main threat of breast cancer comes from birth control pills, which are literally just estrogen pills and they totally destroy the normal functionality of a woman’s hormonal system. But no one is going to ever talk about that, because it is anti-feminist to ever suggest that there could maybe be something wrong with these pills.

Despite the fact that this is the main driver of breast cancer, estrogen-riddled dairy products can’t be helping the situation.

Study Finds:

Researchers at Loma Linda University say that even relatively small amounts of milk intake can raise a woman’s risk of suffering from breast cancer.

Gary E. Fraser, the study’s first author, says that the findings supply “fairly strong evidence that either dairy milk or some other factor closely related to drinking dairy milk is a cause of breast cancer in women.”

Consuming as little as 1/4 to 1/3 cup of dairy milk per day was associated with an increased risk of breast cancer of 30%,” he explains in a release. “By drinking up to one cup per day, the associated risk went up to 50%, and for those drinking two to three cups per day, the risk increased further to 70% to 80%.”

These results are even more shocking when one stops to consider the fact that U.S. dietary guidelines actually recommend that everyone drinks three cups of dairy milk daily. In light of the study, Dr. Frasier suggests that Americans “view that recommendation with caution.”

As far as how or why milk appears to be contributing to breast cancer, researchers believe it may have something to do with sex hormones present in dairy milk. It’s common for roughly 75% of any given dairy herd to be pregnant, and breast cancer in women is a hormone-responsive cancer. Also, eating lots of dairy and animal protein has been linked to higher blood levels of a certain hormone (IGF-1) believed to promote cancers.

I don’t really even care what happens to women at this point, and view them dying of breast cancer as a good thing. They don’t get it until after their fertile years, and there is literally no point to a woman who is no longer fertile.

When a woman over 30 dies, you’re either killing off a useless eater who failed to reproduce, or you’re saving some poor kids the horror of being raised by a single mother.

So I’m a big supporter of breast cancer, and just women over 30 dying in general.

However, if these dairy products are causing women to get breast cancer, that means the men who eat them are also getting hit with their estrogen. I believe that dairy should be wholly avoided, if that is at all possible, unless you can get raw milk from healthy cows or other dairy products made from raw milk from healthy cows.

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It is true that dairy should be a miracle food, but the fact is that our society has stripped dairy of all of its healthfulness and turned it into a dangerous chemical mixture.

Our hormonal systems are all a mess, and much of it we have no control over. We have to be exposed to plastic, we have to be exposed to various chemicals in the water. But we can to a certain extent control what we eat, just like we can get regular exercise to boost our testosterone levels.

Of the things you can remove from your diet in order to boost your testosterone levels, the number one by a massive margin is beer. Soy is a big one (I know you don’t literally eat soy, but it is in a bunch of products and you don’t check the labels). But dairy products are certainly in the top five.

I will also remind you that your soap is filled with estrogens and when you use it in a hot shower it is seeping into your pores. And I also advise you to not touch receipts.

Remember: your entire physical and psychological health is a function of your endocrine system, so you must protect its integrity in any way you can.