Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh Exposes Himself as a Furry

Matt Walsh AKA “My Beard IS my Chin”

The Daily Wire is Ben Shapiro’s totally Jewish media operation, which he is simply running to pass time (and suck cash out of the goyim and promote the interests of Israel) while he is waiting around to be brought in to replace Tucker Carlson as the prime time host on Fox News.

One of the employees for this group, Matt Walsh, claims to be a Catholic but is somehow working for a Jew.

Shapiro has repeatedly, publicly displayed a hatred for Christ, and a desire to replace the native population of America and Europe with imported brown people.

This is not like being a Catholic doctor who works at a hospital owned by Jews, or a Catholic refrigerator repairman who works for a refrigerator company run by Jews – this is an operation that explicitly promotes an ideology, which is a Jewish ideology. Walsh claims to be a devout Catholic, while promoting the agenda of the people who murdered our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

How does that work, exactly?

Well, it doesn’t work very well, frankly.

Well, he’s been questioned about his allegiance to Ben Shapiro’s Jewish agenda. He couldn’t really explain it. During the Groyper Wars, he was confronted about this Jewish agenda to cleanse America of its identity, and he claimed that the American identity is actually “the doctrine of human rights.”


Despite this, I recently gave him a chance when he started getting pretty hardcore on Twitter. Frankly, he was putting out a lot of good tweets. He was attacking the racism hoax and black people, and it sort of seemed like he’d had some kind of epiphany.

However, he did not quit his job working for the Jewish terrorist Shapiro, so it was ultimately clear that no actual epiphany had happened, and that he was simply pandering to a demographic of right-wingers that Jew Shapiro had a desire to influence.

Recently, he showed his true colors when he came out as a furry.

He retweeted this furry fan art of himself:

Everyone on the internet understands that this is furry fan art. And no single person who is not a furry associates with furries. That means, as a matter of absolute fact, that Matt Walsh is indeed a furry.

The question you may be asking is: why would Walsh expose himself this way?

Well, because furries are also exhibitionists. They get off on telling people that they are furries.

How can someone be a Christian and be a furry?

Well, it’s the same answer to the question of how someone can be a Christian and push a Jewish anti-Christ agenda: you can’t.

Matt Walsh is a Jewish puppet, a furry and an absolute fraud.

Regardless: all of these false opposition shills are going to get cleansed if Joe Biden is actually installed as president.

You should read the thing I wrote about that many months ago.