Daily Stormer’s Texas A&M Blitzkrieg

Daily Stormer
December 8, 2016

On Tuesday, December 6, 2016, The Daily Stormer hit the streets running in College Station, Texas.

We were there for Richard Spencer’s event, or, to be more precise, we were there to confront the hordes of Jews, anti-Whites, and mud people who presume to tell us what can and cannot be said on the grounds of this taxpayer-funded institution.

It was a great victory for the Alt-Right in general, and specifically for 1488ers.

We started the day by meeting ahead of time at the local Chili’s restaurant, which was adjacent to the university. A lovely young lady who posts on the forum met me and had signs made for us, and as she was a local, was very helpful in giving us a hand-written map to the campus and parking garage. She even insisted on paying for our meal.

Four stormers showed up to Chili’s, and after discussing strategic details we proceeded to the event. Over the course of the evening more showed up, including top Nazi blogger and total bro Fascist Lemming. Every one of the people who met me there from the forum were top guys, solid as a rock. I have no problem whatsoever in saying that my fellow stormers really are the best bunch of people you will meet anywhere, period. All of them were well dressed, well spoken, and fearless. I would trust any and all of them to have my back anywhere, anytime. Coming from me, this is praise of the highest order.

Is this or is this not The Current Year? smdh…

The moment we arrived on campus we were mobbed by anti-Whites. We stuck together, back to back, and interacted with the sub-literates. I took on all comers, and every single one of them eventually walked away speechless, unable to comprehend that some “bigoted racist neo-Nazi White Supremacist KKK” had just killed all their idols with a few words, contemplating whether their life would ever be the same, and were these Nazis right, and was there any defeating them and their magic rhetoric?

I wasn’t able to get into the event. Richard Spencer did forward my info on to the people at A&M who run these events, but they totally cock-blocked me with their “press credentials” nonsense, and as it turned out, this was Kek’s will, as the real action was outside.


Never doubt the power and wisdom of The Mighty Kek!

I made it as far as the side lobby of the student center, which was the entrance to Spencer’s event. It was already full, and we were immediately crowded in like sardines, surrounded by a sea of Negroes and antifa waving communist flags. The stench was near unbearable.


Only a gas mask would cut the odor in this room

When it became obvious that they were going to attempt to push their way up the stairs and into the room where Spencer was speaking, Texas State Troopers in riot gear filled the stairwell. Immediately the crowd began chanting “FUCK THE POLICE” and various other mindless BLM slogans.

The police were very restrained. I saw the riot squads several times, and although I’ve seen one or two reports claiming they were abusive, I can tell you that this was complete nonsense. They did their job, and did it well. So much for the “rayciss crackah cops beez meddlin’ me an’ I were just walking to church” narrative!

After being there long enough to realize nothing else was going to happen, I made my way back outside. Night had fallen, and with the darkness came a new bunch of anti-Whites. These weren’t the students, who, while sometimes being rude, and mostly being clueless about any issues of import, were well behaved and constantly assuring us we were welcome and that “Aggies don’t hurt people,” these were the Soros/DNC paid agitators in their silly masks and antifa outfits.

They weren’t prepared for the Daily Stormer anti-antifa Storm Division!

Oddly enough, these masked weirdos and degenerates had little to no interest in physically attacking us when they were confronted in a robust manner. I think I heard one of them ask the other “where are all the blacks that were supposed to be here?”

As the crowd of anti-American filth swelled, several black students and a few yarmulke-wearing Jews lined up in front of them and held out their arms, as if to hold them back, because they absolutely had to save face. After all, they were supposed to swarm and stomp us, not stand there like scared kittens whimpering at ten Nazis while they numbered in the hundreds. They were playing the old “You’d better be glad they’re holding me back” game that every coward on Earth has pulled at one time or another.

There is no recovering from this for them. They are weak, ineffective, and low energy. And they smelled far worse than the stench in the MSU lobby. Several people commented on the odor of sweat, urine, and feces that rolled over us like a thick cloud every time the breeze picked up.

In the chaos, I didn’t notice when Fascist Lemming started giving the good old Roman salute, but at one point I looked to my right and the whole crew was giving it, so I threw up my right arm as well. Suddenly a roar rose from the crowd and they redoubled their efforts to pretend they wanted to fight us. Once again, none of them had the stones to actually do it.

Here’s Fascist Lemming’s take.

As I said, the event was a smashing success for us. I was interviewed by virtually all media. At one point one of the local affiliate station’s reporter’s asked me why I was there, and when I said I was there to report on the event for Daily Stormer, he began denouncing me and telling me I’m not a real reporter, just a vile Supremacist with bias about the story and not a good boot-licker like him. The irony was very thick.

PBS interviewed me in the lobby, and a professor approached me and interrupted the interview because I had said that universities were left-leaning. He said that was a wild claim with no evidence! Then the silly dindu who had attempted to debate me about the holohoax came up and said “Yo muffuggah why you ain’t muhfuggin’ done told dem you beez loving Hitler?” He basically did that at every interview I gave. He seemed to think that invoking Hitler was like casting a spell. Whether he knows this or not, he learned that from the Jews. Too bad for all of them that nobody cares anymore, and Hitler did nothing wrong anyway, and I was happy to inform the world of this fact.

I really encourage all of you to attend any event of this kind whenever you can. Our enemies need to know we are here, and not only are we unafraid of them, but we view them as jokes, objects of ridicule to be insulted and laughed at.

And you get to call out the Jews to their faces!

But there are other good reasons. It is one of the greatest things ever to meet your fellow stormers. In the Jewed world we live in, it is truly a wonderful experience to be able to just hang out with a group of guys who are all on the same page.

After it was all over, we headed back to Chili’s to hang out for a bit before we all made our way back to our various corners of The Lone Star State, and as we were enjoying great conversation, a pretty young mother with three kids approached us and told us she’d overheard our conversation and wanted to know if we’d been there for Spencer’s speech. We all thought we were about to get a lecture, but she was with us! She mentioned Dr. Pierce, said she read The Daily Stormer, and she was exited to meet yours truly.

This was the perfect end to the evening. A young woman with three beautiful little White children who knew that we were doing what we do for her kids and all White children. This is what it’s all about.

We must, and we will, secure a future for White children. Nothing else matters.

I will be attending more of these events in the future, and I hope to see you all there.We do need a bigger presence, and we need more of you young guys as well. Don’t make us old timers show you up!

As Commander Rockwell said, you have to get out in the streets and show the world how these Jews behave.